Motion Picture Herald (Jul-Aug 1944)

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AX WOLFF, who succeeds the re Charles J. Sonin as purchasing agent for tew's-MGM. Mr. Wolff joined the company i years ago, and has served in the construction ad alteration, maintenance, and purchasing ;partments, the latter of which he formed; i has also been MGM's eastern studio head. WALTER BROOKS, former theatre operator, writer and press agent, has joined Henderson Richey, director of MSM exhibitor relations, as assistant. Mr. Brooks for two years represented Postmaster General Frank C. Walker in newspaper relations. iir: 4 junt ia to juiy «, 1944 p" c ' — . utem lie) of tht Molwii Pitl,„, li,tln\hx\ Fighlnio Ftjf/i War Loan Army, this citation " axaulnl (unit in ino^inliim of meritorious service through bond w///«« ail nil a » \p,m\ontl liy //,, War Activities Committee of the Motion Piilmi lmlit\tiy,ni(i Win Fniaiia Committer oj the U S Treasury ami gireii jn> ilivotioit lo a jintiwtii tanst of his rouutry while at win 4^ FIGHTING FIFTH SCROLL. Every exhibitor is to receive the certificate reproduced above, upon receipt in New York campaign headquarters of official report. The citation is in blue, red, black and gold and makes the exhibitor a member of the Fighting Fifth Legion of Honor. his AT THE WARNER STUDIO, above: Commander Kenneth Downey, R.N., H. M. Warner, Commander Anthony Kimmins, R.N., and Colonel Jack L. Warner. Commander Kimmins, visiting, is on a speaking tour; Commander Downey is accompanying him. Commander Kimmins has been in most Allied landings, west and east. TO NEW YORK last week came E. H. Rowley, vicepresident and secretary of the Robb & Rowley circuit of the South, on business. staff photographer PRESENTATION. Chick Tompkins, left, district manager of the Indiana-Illinois Theatres circuit, receives the 1943-44 Civic Merit Award of the American Legion from Russell Morrison, post commander, at Elkhart, Indiana, ceremonies. Center, Corwyn Wright, 1942-43 winner. MOTION PICTURE HERALD, JULY 29, 1944