Motion Picture Herald (Nov-Dec 1944)

Record Details:

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"CAN'T HELP SINGING" lias just about every element tkat a memoraLle, entertaining picture must liave. No comment need L)e made aLout Deanna DurLin in Teclinicolor for tlie first time; no comment need he made atout tke wonderful Jerome Kern music and tke deligktful E. Y. HarLurg lyrics; no comment need Le made aLout tlie remarkakly fine cast Lrouglit togetlier in tlie picture. It is only important to say at tkis point tkat "CAN'T HELP SINGING" is one of tkose unique productions wkick comkines all tke fascinating elements tkat insure an entertainment masterpiece. DAVm BRUCE LEONID KINSREY RAY COLLINS Jl'NE VINCENT ANDREW TOMBES THOMAS GOMEZ DireccJbyHm mfi 6^ FELIX JACRSON A„oc. Producer fUUmW Aix,,/. JEROME KERN t^r/afrvE.Y.HARBlRG Saeen Play by LEWIS R. FOSTER and FRANK RVAN Stofy by John Klorer and Leo Townsend , ""Based on "Kri of the Overtand Tjail" b> Samuel J. and Curtis B. Warstiawsky • A UNIVERSAL PICIURP^