Motion Picture Herald (Nov-Dec 1944)

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Promotions in Theatre Lobbies A half-million dollars worth of precious stones spell out title of Arnc Sates' attraction at the Stiilman, Cleveland. Tieup was arranged wi H. W. Beattie, in strategic window location. Left, publicity director Bill Brereton, Lafayette theatre, Buffalo, N. Y., presold "The Clinnax" with aid of this attractive lobby display. Conning attractions receive special attention from manager M. Conner in the lobby of the Capitol theatre, Madison, Wis. Manager Jerry Zigmond's eye-filling front for "Janie" proved box-office stimulant during the film's engagement at the Newman, Kansas City. Vaughn Taylor built this eye-catching front at the Rialto theatre, Phoenix, Ariz., and further added to its beauty and effectiveness by concealing babyspots which focused on the dancing figures. 42 MOTION PICTURE HERALD. DECEMBER 2. 1944