Motion Picture Herald (Nov-Dec 1944)

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rHEATREMEN'S RECENT ADVERTISING LAYOUTS startsmmm ^ BUY BONDS HERE TODAY! Jk^^k HI DARE YOU TO SEE THIS SHOW . AND DEFY YOU WOT TO SHUDDER! MomYmmvmpMmAy Here's how manager R. Tiede sold a program of Horror hits to patrons of the Community theatre In Weliand, Ont., Can. G. Bob Hope'; est release special newspaper treatment from W . H . Ahrens, manager of the RKO Orpheum In Des Moines. Charles B. Taylor, Shea's publicity director in Buffalo, N. Y., created this attractive pattern to sell "Triple Threat Show". Mortices provide space for local copy. This layout was adapted from the press book ads by artist Ben Adier for Frank Damis, Warner zone manager In Newark, N. J. Royal theatre, Atchison, Kansas, presents novel method of complementing one film v/ith another. Manager Dale Thornhill made the layout. Alice Gorham, ad director for U.D.T. In Detroit commands attention to this layout with forceful catch-copy. tv(ANAGERS' ROUND TABLE, DECEMBER 2, 1944 45