Motion Picture Herald (Mar-Apr 1945)

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IhE HOLLYWOOD SCENE i [PLETED 3GRAM ttime in Texas .IC i Pacific Scouts , Tom Oklahoma .CENTURYFOX i n These Walls ■fr Miss STARTED MONOGRAM Main Street Girl PRC Law of Lead REPUBLIC The Web (Colmes) Wagon Wheels Westward UNIVERSAL Hear That Trumpet Talk WARNERS Danger Signal Janie Gets Married SHOOTING COLUMBIA Bandit of Sherwood Forest Over 21 MGM For Better, for Worse They Were Expendable Dangerous Partners Early to Wed Yolanda and the Thief Harvey Girls PARAMOUNT Blue Dahlia People Are Funny (Pine-Thomas) Our Hearts Were Growing Up Well Groomed Bride You Came Along (Wallis) PRC Intruder Congo Pongo RKO RADIO Tomorrow Is Forever (International) Amorous Ghost Bells of St. Mary's ( Rainbow ) 20TH CENTURYFOX Drawonwyck Dolly Sisters UNITED ARTISTS Young Widow (Stromberg) Duel in the Sun (Vanguard) UNIVERSAL Night in Paradise Lady on a Train WARNERS Time, the Place and the Girl Stolen Life jven Pictures Started in ollywood, Despite Strike lywood Bureau ie strike continued to hamper production <\ eek, although seven features were started, of them at strike-affected studios. Five films were completed, which brought the ting index up to 33, slightly higher than week's 31. arner Brothers trained cameras on two. nger Signal,'-' is a melodrama whose cast ides Faye Emerson, Zachary Scott, Rosel DeCamp, Bruce Bennett, Ann Blyth, y Servoss, Dick Erdman, Angela Greene, l Ridgely and Janet Barrett. Robert Florey Erecting for Producer William Jacobs, fame Gets Married" is a sequel to the liar "Janie." with Joan Leslie replacing :e Reynolds in the title role. Others in the are Robert Hutton, Edward Arnold, Ann ding, Robert Benchley, Hattie McDaniel, Gillis and Dick Erdman. Alex Gottlieb roducing; Vincent Sherman directing, mblic Starts Work Two Features epublic also started work on two features, e Web," which Walter Colmes is producing directing, is a mystery-drama with a touch antasy for good measure. John Loder, cy Kelly, Otto Kruger, Ruth Ford, Harry x, Almira Sessions, J. Farrell McDonald, eth Dudgeon and Marjorie Manners head cast. Vagon Wheels Westward" is another 1 Ryder" Western, with Bill Elliott, Alice ling and Bobby Blake in leading roles. Ley Picker is the associate producer ; R. G. ngsteen the director. onogram launched "Main Street Girl," :h is Joe Kaufman's initital production "t. Christy Cabanne is directing the psyogical drama, whose cast includes Doris rick, Eddie Quillan and Wanda McKay, t Universal, work started on a musical, ar That Trumpet Talk." Noah Berry, Jr., ny Morton, Claudia Drake and Josh White . the players. Henry Blankfort is the asso: producer, and John Hoffman is directing, n Alexander-Stern production titled "Law -ead" went into work at PRC. It's a tern with Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien and Wilkerson. Harry Fraser is the director ie picture. A Remember When," an original comedy of tal complications, by Harry Ruskin, has assigned to Martin Gosch as his next MGM production to follow "Abbott and Costello in Hollywood." Barry Trivers has been assigned to write the screenplay, which deals writh a husband who, after five years of married life, takes his wife to see three of her former sweethearts . . . PRC has purchased ' Confidence Man," an original comedy by Jack O'Donnel. It deals with a reformed swindler. Martin Mooney has been assigned to produce. "Song of Love," which MGM purchased from a play manuscript by Bernard Schubert and Mario Silva, has been assigned to Clarence Brown to produce and direct. The story deals with the love of Robert Schumann, the composer, for his wife, Clara, talented concert pianist. Music by Lizst and Brahms, as well as by Schumann, will be included in the film. Republic bought "Canteen Hostess," an original by Martin Van Laas. Adele Mara will be starred in the film version . . . "Bells of the Gold Coast," by Republic producer-director Joseph Kane, has been purchased by the studio, and assigned to the author to produce and direct . . ."Corpus Delicti," a murder mystery, has been purchased by Columbia, and assigned to Ted Richmond for production . . . Another recent Columbia purchase is "Dream Glow," an original by Lorraine Edwards. The picture will be produced by Alexis ThurnTaxis under the supervision of John Stone, and will be released under the title, "Sing While You Dance." Personnel Intelligence About Hollywood Columbia has made a deal with Sam Wood whereby he will make another picture for the studio this year. In return, the studio has turned over to Wood its interests in three story properties : "Tantania," an original by Von Cube, "Turnip's Blood," a novel by Rachel Maddux, and film rights to the stage play, "The Land Is Bright," by Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman . . . William Le Baron, producer who has been associated with 20th Century-Fox for four years, has terminated his connection with the studio. He will return there temporarily, however, to make "Riocabana," production of which has been postponed until travel conditions permit sending the cast and camera crew to South America. The arrangement betwen Gregory La Cava and Mary Pickford, whereby the former was to have directed the latter's production of "One Touch of Venus," has been called off by mutual consent . . . Edward Dmytryk will direct "Rawhide" for RKO Radio. The story is based on Dmytryk's suggestion, and will star John Wayne. Robert Fellows is slated to produce . . . Lana Turner and John Garfield will co-star in MGM's version of James M. Cain's novel, "The Postman Always Rings Twice," which Carey Wilson will produce. To Produce Eight Technicolor Westerns on 16mm Herman Wohl has signed a deal with George Hirliman to produce a series of eight Westerns in 16mm for International Theatrical and Television Corporation. The series will be based on the character of "Calamity Jane". . . Latest studio to announce plans for a picture based on the life of a famous composer is Republic, which will film the life of Mozart under the title "The Immortal." Herman Millakowsky will be associate producer, and Frank Wisbar is preparing the screenplay. Martin Mooney has been assigned to produce "The Gallant Shepherd" for PRC. The story, by Taylor Caven, was originally announced as a Jack Schwarz production . . . Maria Montez and Rod Cameron will be costarred in a Universal picture for which Michael Fessier and Ernest Pagano are writing the script . . . B. G. De Sylva has borrowed Don DeFore from Hal Wallis for a role opposite Betty Hutton in Paramount's forthcoming film, "Stork Club." Miss Chapman Borrowed For Mutual Pictures Mutual Productions has borrowed Marguerite Chapman from Columbia to play the lead opposite Fred MacMurray in "Pardon My Past". . . James Craig has been selected for one of the top roles in MGM's "The Yearling" . . . Edward Lilley has been signed to direct "Gregory the Great" for Monogram. This film will be the initial production effort of Louis Berkoff, owner of a circuit of Southern California theatres. Charles Barton will be associate producer and director on Universal's "Idea Girl". . . Stephen Ames has signed a new contract with RKO Radio, under the terms of which he will produce two additional Technicolor features at the studio . . . Conrad Nagel and Margaret Lindsay have been selected by Columbia to play the adult leads in "Rusty," which will star 11 -year-old Ted Donaldson. Leonard Picker will produce; Paul Burnford will direct. Morris Carnovsky has been signed for an important role in "The Adventures of Don Juan," soon to get under way at Warners, with Errol Flynn in the leading role . . . Patrick Michael Cunning has set Cheryl Walker to star in "New Horizons," his latest television production . . . Melchior Lengyel and his son, Thomas, are currently preparing the screenplay for "Typhoon," which Ernst Lubitsch will direct for 20th Century-Fox. ION PICTURE HERALD, APRIL 14, 1945 27