Motion Picture Herald (Mar-Apr 1945)

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WORLD PREMIERE ENGAGEMENT, ROOT, N. Y., IS FULFILLING ALL THESE BOX-OFFICE PREDICTIONS! "Hilarious! Will click everywhere!"— Variety "Plentiful grosses!"— The Exhibitor "Carries high box-office promise!"— Daily Variety "One of the outstanding comedies of the year!"— Motion Picture Daily "They'll talk about Tallulah for an Academy award!"— Motion Picture Hera! J "First rate box-office attraction!"— Hollyu-oo J Reporter "A rousing success!" — Film Daily TALLULAH CHARLES ANNE WILLIAM BANKHEAD COBURN BAXTER EYTHE • Ischa Auer • Sig Ruman • Vladimir Sokoloff ■ Mikhail Rasumny Screen Play by Edwin Justus Mayer • Adapted by Bruno Frank ■ from a Play by Lajos Biio and Melchiof Lengyel