Motion Picture Herald (Mar-Apr 1945)

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: ill e Affairs Of $usaxt is A HAL WALLIS PRODUCTION "The Affairs of Susan' starts Hal Wallis off as an independent producer in grand style . . . Nothing has been overlooked by him to make this production a 'sure thing' that excels in every department and offers unstinted entertainment of a superior quality." — Film Daily 'Hal Wallis' first production for Paramount release is a whale of a comedy." — Variety 'The Hal Wallis company makes its bow with a crackling good show." —Showmen's Trade Review STARS JOAN FONTAINE IN HE 'Joan Fontaine as the Susan of the title is a revelation." — Hollywood Reporter 'Miss Fontaine's role calls upon her to negotiate three complete changes in personality and her skill in accomplishing this is something for the fans to talk about with grossbuilding enthusiasm." — Motion Picture Herald It Co-sta