Motion Picture Herald (Mar-Apr 1945)

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ST COMEDY ROLE "Hal Wallis' first production for Paramount release is a whale of a comedy and boff boxoffice ... looks destined for holdovers and extended runs. It's the sort of laugh vehicle that has a chance to snowball into limitless b.o " — Variety ORGE BRENT, features Dennis O'Keefe, Don DeFore, Walter Abel 'George Brent turns in what is probably the best comedy performance of his long career." — Showmen s Trade Review 'Dennis O'Keefe comes near copping male laurels as the bouncy author." — Variety 'Don DeFore, a newcomer, turns in a particularly promising performance." — Daily Variety 'Walter Abel acquits himself superbly." — Film Daily It is directed by William A. Seiter "It's one of his smoothest contrived pictures." . — Variety "The direction is aces." — Film Daily "The direction is top drawer stuff." — Showmen s Trade Review