Motion Picture Herald (Jan-Feb 1945)

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MOTION PICTURE HERALD REVIEWS (In Product Digest) This Man's Navy Under Western Skies Two Orphans Sheriff of Las Vegas Marked for Murder (j I (I KEEPING tKe FAITH dettemedire cm If through all his days a man in business tells the truth as he sees it, keeps his word as he gives it, works for his industry, for its own sake along with his, he gets what is known as a good reputation. It is like that, too, with journals of business. Publications that matter have the attributes of personality. Motion Picture Herald is happy in the consciousness of, and responsibility to, a good name. VOL 158, NO. I JANUARY h. I94B Entered as second-class matter, January 12, 1931. at the Post Off ui v.ju York City, U.S.A., under tn. „>. .i j ■ / ; hshed weekly by Quigley Publishing Co., Inc., at 1270 Sixth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, New York 20, N. Y. Subscription price: $5.0.^ a year tn the Americas, $10.00 a year Foreign. Single copy, 25 cents. All contents copyright 1945 by Quigley Publishing Company.