Motion Picture Herald (Jan-Feb 1945)

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QUICLEY AWARDS ARE CALLEC INSPIRATION TO SHOWMEN A. MONTAGUE ' General Sales Manager Columbia Pictures Corporation I really believe that over a period of time the Quigley Awards Competitions have inspired theatre operators to give their very best when presenting worthwhile pictures to their public. We all know the effort that goes into the making of an outstanding picture regardless of the great sums that are spent, and it is really stimulating to see the exertion made each year by the showmen throughout the country in their effort to make the public conscious of the possibilities of the picture, or pictures, exploited. It is also a thrill to see the efforts applied by some of our great showmen who do not operate important theatres in important situations. Some of them operate very small theatres in small localities and to them, more than to others, I take off my hat. Many of them have so little to work with and yet accomplish so much. I sincerely hope the Quigley Awards Competitions continue for many, many years. It certainly takes an important place in inspiring all of us. H. M. RICHEY Exhibitor Relations Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer With more intensive competition just around the corner, it seems to me that better merchandising methods, as exemplified by the Quigley Awards, is the most important subject of the day. I have found it inspiring to see the excellent campaigns (many of them inexpensive) worked out by the showmen whose work makes them eligible for this honor. I shall be very happy to serve again as a Judge on the Committee. P. A. WILLIAMS Advertising Director March of Time These Awards in my opinion are of great value to the motion picture industry and give to the theatre managers recognition of the fine work these men are now doing and could go unnoticed if it were not for the Quigley Awards. ROBERT M. WEITMAN Managing Director Paramount Theatre In reply to your letter I will be pleased to serve as a Judge on your committee for 1945. DAN MICHALOVE Vice-President National Theatres Amusement Co. I shall be happy to serve as a member of the committee for the Quigley Awards Competitions in 1945. JOHN J. FRIEDL President General Manager Minnesota Amusement Company In answer to your letter, I shall be very happy to be of whatever assistance I can in serving as a judge on the committee for 1945 in the Quigley Awards competition. H. J. FITZGERALD President Fox Wisconsin Amusement Corp. With reference to your letter, I appreciate the honor of serving as one of the judges of the Quigley Awards and will be very happy to do so. With the number of new personnel in the industry, there is a greater need than ever before for the encouraging and stimulating of showmanship methods. "Awards Are Incentive The Managers' Round Table serves a very construc+fve purpos and the Quigley Publications should be complimented for takJr that much interest in furthering the proper exploitation and adve|j tising of great pictures lacking in box office names, which otherwis might pass unnoticed. The Awards are certainly a great incenti^ for better showmanship. It will give me pleasure to serve as a Judge on the Commlttt for 1945, and I thank you for the Invitation.— J. R. VOGEL, VId President, Loew's, Inc. HARRY C. ARTHUR, JR. General Manager Fanchon & Marco Thank you very much for again allowing me to serve as judge on the Quigley Awards Competition Committee for 1945| The Quigley Awards continues to be one of the most poteji incentives for extra effort on the part of all alert showmen. T^i Awards have proven a genuine stimulant for increased revenif in many of our own theatres. HARRY L. ROYSTER I operator Netco Theatres, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1 will be more than pleased to serve on the Committee for t Quigley Awards Competitions for 1945. The Quigley Awards are more important, today than eVj before as they keep alive competitive showmanship at a tin when business is exceptionally good and most of us are inclinj' to slow up a bit as far as exploitation and merchandising a,' concerned. LAWRENCE H. LIPSKIN Advertising Manager Columbia Pictures By giving the men in the field a type of recognition that cj serve only to stimulate them to greater efforts, and by providi; the additional incentive which only competition can afford, tf Awards serve a purpose of outstanding importance. HARRY GOLDBERG Director Advertising and Publicity Warner Bros. Circuit Management I have always regarded this competition as one of the fim opportunities for showmen throughout the country to demc strate their abilities, because of the many and frequent opportuf ties it affords for national recognition. jt T. J. CONNORS Vice-President in Charge of Sales Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation This will acknowledge receipt of your letter re : the Quigl Awards Competitions. Please be advised that I will be very hapJ to serve as a Judge on the Committee for 1945. CHARLES RAYMOND Division Manager Loew's Theatres, Cleveland, Ohio Once more I want to repeat what I have said in past years; that I think the Quigley Awards are inspiring and Vesponsi|j for greater effort by showmen ever)rwhere. 58 MOTION PICTURE HERALD, JANUARY 20.