Motion Picture Herald (Jan-Feb 1945)

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Competitions As Spur to Efforts ^onagers Credit fRANK LA BAR, JR. Manager, Imperial Theatre Asheville, N. C. I I not only read your editorial page but |;qually as well the promotional and ideas lection of the Herald. I can't imagine jow any theatre manager can possibly pass £p this valuable section of the Motion PicruRE Herald each week. The thoughts W ideas of this section are not only most 'lelpful but will prove more than beneficial ':o any theatre manager who will see fit to Vse them. And at the same time, any theare manager sending in his worthwhile con^ribution is of equal help to others, for by 'ill using each other's ideas, surely we are aking a part in building and inspiring an ;ven better understanding between the public and ourselves as well as for the entire notion picture industry and for the theatre jtself as an institution in its particular comjnunity. TREBILCOCK Manager, Shea's Theatre Toronto, Ont.y Canada \ With regard to your recent letter, it is only human to be spurred on to bigger and setter things by recognition of one's efforts, "onsequently, winning a Quigley Award is )lacing the spur right where it does its best vork. k J. ARNOLD Manager, Indiana Theatre Verre Haute, Ind. As the Quigley Awards enter their twelfth ^ear under the sponsorship of Motion Picture Herald, I wish to express by praise )f the Awards as an outstanding stimulant 0 managers and exhibitors in the exploitaion and presentation of motion pictures to he theatre going public. The Awards definitely create the incenive among progressive managers to put nore effort into their showmanship in order 0 enhance the value of attractions at the lox office. I sincerely appreciate recognition given ae by the Judges during the past year and yish the Quigley Awards and yourself the i)est for 1945. GERTRUDE BUNCHEZ Publicity Manager, Loew's Century mtimore, Md. 1 From the beginning of my career as pub[cist for Loew's Theatres in Baltimore, the Managers' Round Table and Quigley ;! Awards have been a constant stimulation to H ifie to put my better foot forward and to pn a Quigley Award. I A Quigley Award to me stands for recog[ition. To have been a winner of the Bronze irrand Award Plaque not only thrilled me m humbled me; and further created a . jiirst for more awards and better showmanpip from me. For through these awards fid the recognition that follows naturally re increases and advancement. 1943 GRAND AWARDS WINNER GIVES PRAISE In my estimation, there is no doubt that the Quigley Awards are the greatest stimulant to boxoffice ever conceived. They have, in the past eleven years of presentation, done more to place theatre advertising, publicity and exploitation in the esteemed position this branch of theatre operation commands. The possibility of being presented with a Quigley Award has urged me to exert greater efforts in my exploitational activities. Having been fortunate enough to have my work judged worthy of a Quigley Grand Award, I have avowed to do this single honor justice, by putting forth even greater energy in the future. I feel certain that other young executives, like myself, look upon the Quigley Award as a definite inspiration. Mrs. J. J. Parker, President of our Company, is as intensely interested in these Awards as I. She fully realizes the box office value derived. — JACK MATLACK, Publicity Director, J. J. Parker Theatres, Portland, Ore. C. B. KING Manager, Ritz Theatre McGehee, Ark. Congratulations to you and all of your staff on the twelfth year of the Quigley Awards. I think the Quigley Awards are definitely a medium of competition and exchanging of ideas that is an asset to all showmen, in that it will pay dividends at the box office. It is good to know that your efforts are recognized by officials from the home office. "VITALLY IMPORTANT" SAYS 1 939 GRAND AWARDS WINNER I have always considered the Quigley Awards vitally important to the man in the field. Firstly, because the Quigley Awards recognize the efforts of the man who is trying to sell his attractions. Secondly, because this recognition brings about salary increases and promotions to more important positions. Thirdly, because Awards which are presented to the hard-selling Round Table Members, prove that their Showmanship does not go by with the mere nod of the head. This recognition and reward serves as a stimulus to do a better job and to try just a little harder the next time. The Quigley Awards have been very good to me. I am greatly indebted to them for my success. Yes, I have worked hard, but my efforts have been greater because the Quigley Awards have shown appreciation. — LIGE BRIEN, Manager, Warner's Enright, Pittsburgh, Pa. DALE THORNHILL Manager, Fox and Orpheum Atchison, Kans. There is no question but that the Quigley Awards have been a big factor in stimulating me to put more effort into showmanship to enhance the value of my attractions at the box office. I think this also true of my brother managers who, whether or not they contribute to the Managers' Round Table, do receive an inspiration from the many fine examples of showmanship that are reproduced on its pages. MATT SAUNDERS Manager, Loew's Poli Bridgeport, Conn. The Quigley Awards are a source of tremendous stimulation to the managers in the field. The Motion Picture Herald offers a wealth of ideas that the wise theatre operator will take advantage of. When the showmanship of a manager is sufficiently outstanding to obtain recognition from the Judges, the head of his circuit is very pleased, and his attention is called to a man who is doing a good job. ARNOLD GATES Manager, Loew's Stillman Cleveland, Ohio Competition in any field is the force which keeps those involved "on their toes." The Quigley Awards have done much for the Industry towards this end. Like a beacon, they lead the way to better showmanship, and ferret out those making the greatest contributions over a given period. "Great !" is my word for The Quigley Awards, and I am sure that the opinion must be general. BILL BRERETON Director Advertising and Publicity Basil Theatres, Buffalo, N. Y. I believe I can vouch for a statement from all of our executives that the presentation of the Quigley Awards does have a stimulating effect on the efforts put forth by all of us. I, for one, believe it is a very valuable asset to the theatre business, especially from the viewpoint of publicity, exploitation and advertising. Any stimulus emanating from these extra efforts must assuredly aid our box offices. ROBERT MAYNARD Manager, Savoy Theatre Hamilton, Ont., Canada It's wonderful to be able to contribute ideas toward help and maintenance of such a great industry as ours; keep it up, and don't worry about Canada ; we will keep going and sending you our ideas for we all know what these awards mean to us and to our theatres. lANAGERS' ROUND TABLE, JANUARY 20, 1945 59