Motion Picture Herald (Jan-Feb 1945)

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ICTURE ^ROSSES A statistical compilation and comparison of Box-OfRce Per^ formance in first-run theatres iiii)ures directly below picture title compare dollar gross with average gross and show relai'le percentage of all engagements tabulated. I jures opposite theatre names represent percentage of tabulated grosses to average weekly I'siness based on the six months' period ending October 31, 1944. J}mBOLS: (DB) Double Bill— associate feature title; (SA) Stage Attraction; (MO) Move-Over 'i\n; (AA) Advance Admission. DEX: Over-all performance percentage figures from previously published final reports appear Service Data section of Product Digest. See last column of Release Chart for Index. IIRTY SECONDS OVER TOKYO CM) ^inal Reports: 'ital Gross Tabulated $1,133,600 imparative Average Gross 990,000 j,Ver-all Performance 1 14.4% ILTIMORE— Century, 1st week . . . " LTIMORE— Century, 2nd week . . ; iSTON— Orpheum j ISTON-State , . . . . , FFALO— Buffalo, 1st week .... ' IFFALO— Buffalo, 2nd week . . . . MCA GO— United Artists, 1st week . . I ICAGO— United Artists, 2nd week . : i'lClNNATT-RKO Grand, 1st week . ' I^CINNATI— RKO Grand, 2nd week . MCINNATI-RKO Grand, 3rd week . ,EVELAND— Loew's State, 1st week IeVELAND— Loew's State, 2nd week DIANA POLIS— Loew's, 1st week . . DIANAPOLIS— Loew's, 2nd week . . kNSAS CITY— Midland, 1st week . . ;NSAS CITY— Midland. 2nd week . . ■S ANGELES— Egyptian, 1st week . S ANGELES— Egyptian, 2nd week . S ANGELES— Egyptian, 3rd week . S ANGELES— Egyptian, 4th week . )i|S ANGELES— Los Angeles, 1st week 'S ANGELES— Los Angeles, 2nd week JS ANGELES— Los Angeles, 3rd week S ANGELES— Los Angeles, 4th week S ANGELES— Ritz, 1st week . . . S ANGELES— Ritz, 2nd week . S ANGELES— Ritz, 3rd week S ANGELES— Ritz, 4th week ;W YORK— Capitol, 1st week SA) Henny Youngman, Jimmy Dorsey's Orch. M YORK— Capitol, 2nd week 5A) Henny Youngman, Jimmy Dorsey's Orch. W YORK— Capitol, 3rd week 5A) Henny Youngman, Jimmy Dorsey's Orch. W YORK— Capitol, 4th week 3A) Henny Youngman, Jimmy Dorsey's Orch. W YORK— Capitol, 5th week 3A) Henny Youngman, Jimmy Dorsey's Orch. [AHA — Paramount ILADELPHIA— Fox, 1st week ILADELPHIA— Fox, 2nd week rrSBURGH— Penn, 1st week rrSBURGH— Penn, 2nd week OVID F.NCE— Loew's State, 1st week . . . . OVIDENCE— Loew's State, 2nd week . . . . N FRANCISCO-Fox, 1st week N FRANCISCO-Fox, 2nd week I LOUIS— Loew's State 135.2% 105.8% 92.0% 169.2% 157.1% 97.6% 116.0% 133.9% 158.5% 121.9% 109.7% 135.0% 90.0% 125.0% 83.3% 126.4% 109.5% 134.6% 100.0% 71.3% 70.0% 148.0% 108.4% 95.2% 61.2% 122.4% 104.0% 80.8% 62.4% 136.0% 136.0% 108.9% 83.3% 74.7% 129.3% 176.6% 128.4% 161.1% 172.2% 144.9% 103.5% 161.8% 100.7% 87.2% ENCHMAN'S CREEK (Para.) final Reports: tal Gross Tabulated )mparative Average Gross rer-all Performance $1,291,000 1,194,900 108.0% STON— Metropolitan, 1st week ........ 111.5% BTON— Metropolitan, 2nd week 81.7% STON— Fenway, MO 1st week 123.2% STON— Paramount, MO 1st week 102.0% FFALO— Great Lakes, 1st week 91.2% FFALO— Great Lakes, 2nd week 116.2% ICAGO— State Lake, 1st week 119.7% iICAGO— State Lake, 2nd week 95.0% KaNNATT— RKO Albee 77.7% r^CTNNATT— Capitol, MO 1st week 110.4% ifaNNATI— RKO Shubert, MO 2nd week . . 111.1% WVER— Denham 117.3% PIANAPOLIS— Indiana 107.7% [NSAS CITY— Newman, 1st week 224.8% INSAS CTTY— Newman, 2nd week 116.1% iNSAS aTY— Newman, 3rd week 81.3% ILWAUKEE— Palace, 1st week 104.5% PB) Tahiti Niffhts (Col.) LWAUKEE— Palace, 2nd week 104.5% PB) Tahiti Nights (Col.) iNNEAPOLIS— Radio City, 1st week .... 110.2% NNEAPOLIS— Radio City, 2nd week .... 66.1% •NTREAI^Loew's, 1st week 136.7% •NTREAI^Loew's, 2nd week 123.5% JTION PICTURE HERALD, JANUARY 20, 1945 NEW YORK-R NEW YORK-R NEW VORK-R NEW YORK-R NEW YORK-R NEW YORK— R NEW YORK R NEW YORK-R NEW YORK-R NEW YORK-R NEW YORK-R NEW YORK-R NEW YORK-R NEW YORK-R NEW YORK-R voli, 1st week 203.8% voli, 2nd week 176.3% voli, 3rd week 146.0% voli, 4th week 146.0% voli, 5th week . . • 132.2% voli, 6th week 110.1% ivoli, 7th week 104.6% voli, 8th week 99.1% voli, 9th week 88.1% ivoli, 10th week 88.1% ivoli, nth week 88.0% ivoli, I2th week 50.2% ivoli, 1 3th week 50.1% ivoli, 14th week 50.0% ivoli, 15th week 51.0% OMAHA— Paramount 111.0% OMAHA— Omaha, MO 1st week 100.0% PHILADELPHIABoyd, 1st week 149.2% PHILADELPHIA— Boyd, 2nd week 136.1% PHILADELPHIABoyd, 3rd week 87.9% PROVIDENCE— Strand, 1st week 107.6% PROVIDENCE— Strand, 2nd week 100.9% SAN FRANCISCOFox, 1st week 138.8% SAN FRANCISCO-Fox, 2nd Week 75.9% SAN FRANCISCO— State, MO 1st week .... 124.1% (DB) Sing, Neighbor, Sing (Rep.) SEATTLE— Fifth Ave., 1st week 188.5% SEATTLEFifth Ave., 2nd week 114.7% ST. LOUIS— Ambassador, 1st week 141.3% ST. LOUIS— Ambassador, 2nd week 113.7% ST. LOUIS— Ambassador, 3rd week 68.8% TORONTO— Shea's, 1st week 144.0% TORONTO— Shea's, 2nd week 100.0% WASHINGTON— Earle, 1st week 123.0% (SA) Vaudeville WASHINGTON— Earle, 2nd week 95.1% (SA) Vaudeville WASHINGTON— Metropolitan, MO 1st week . . 112.6% CANT HELP SINGING (Univ.) First Reports: Total Gross Tabulated $306,300 Comparative Average Gross 200,700 Over-all Performance 152.6% BALTIMORE— Keith's, 1st week 142.8% BALTIMORE— Keith's, 2nd week 115.6% BUFFALO— Lafayette, 1st week 158.3% (DB) Dead Men's Eyes (Univ.) BUFFALO— Lafayette, 2nd week 116.S% (DB) Murder in the Blue Room (Univ.) CHICAGO— Palace 136.3% (DB) Enter Arsene Lupin (Univ.) LOS ANGELES— Hillstreet 151.3% NEW YORK— Criterion, 1st week 234.9% NEW YORK— Criterion, 2nd week 148.6% SAN FRANCISCO— Orpheum, 1st week .... 168.7% (DB) Murder in the Blue Room (Univ.) SAN FRANCTSCX)— Orpheum, 2nd week .... 125.7% (DB) Murder in the Blue Room (Univ.) ST. LOUIS— Ambassador 166.6% (DB) Enter Arsene Lupin (Univ.) TORONTO— Uptown, 1st week 153.3% TORONTO-Uptown, 2nd week 108.8% • TOGETHER AGAIN (Col.) Final Reports: Total Gross Tabulated $466,300 Comparative Average Gross 454,500 Over-all Performance 102.5% BALTIMORE— Hippodrome, 1st week 111.1% (SA) Vaudeville BALTIMORE— Hippodrome, 2nd week 94.4% (SA) Vaudeville BUFFALO— Lafayette, 1st week 141.6% (DB) Ever Since Venus (Col.) BUFFALO— Lafayette, 2nd week 91.6% (DB) The Ghost that Walks Alone (Col.) CINCINNATI— RKO Capitol, 1st week .... 197.6% CINCINNATI— RKO Capitol, 2nd week .... 104.6% CINCTNNATT— RKO Capitol, 3rd week .... 81.3% CLEVELAND— RKO Palace, 1st week .... 102.8% (SA) Vaudeville CLEVELAND— RKO Palace, 2nd week .... 86.9% (SA) Vaudeville DENVER— Denver 106.6% (Uli) Mark of the Whistler (Col.) DEN VER— Esquire 109.8% (Dii) Mark of the Whistler (Col.) DENVER-Aladdin, MO 1st week 116.6% (UU) Mark of the Whistler (Col.) DENVER— Rialto, MO 2nd week 66.6% (UB) Mark of the Whistler (Col.) INUIANAI'OLIS-Loew's 112 5% KANSAS CITY— Midland 95.5% (DB) Shadows in the Night (Col.) LOS ANGELES— Hillstreet, 1st week 102.7% (DB) The Missing Juror (Col.) LOS ANGELES— Hillstreet, 2nd week 100.0% (DB) The Missing Juror (Col.) LOS ANGELES— Pantages, 1st week 124.1% (DB) The Missing Juror (Col.) LOS ANGELES— Pantages, 2nd week 130.7% (DB) The Missing Juror (Col.) MILWAUKEE-Palace 77 2% (DB) Strange Affair (Col.) MINNEAPOLIS-State 943% MINNEAPOLIS— Century, MO 1st week . . . 78 1% MINNEAPOLIS— Century, MO 2nd week . . . 93.7% MONT REAI^ Palace 137 7% NEW YORK-Music Hall, 1st week 109.9% (SA) Radio City Music Hall Stage Presentation NEW YORK-Music Hall, 2nd week 93.6% (SA) Radio City Music Hall Stage Presentation NEW YORK-Music Hall, 3rd week 80.0% (SA) Radio City Music Hall Stage Presentation OMAHA— Brandeis, 1st week 112 5% (DB) Strange Affair (Col.) OMAHA— Brandeis, 2nd week 55 5% (DB) Strange Affair (Col.) PITTSBURGH-Harris, 1st week 128.9% PITTSBURGH-Harris, 2nd week 81.2% PITTSBURGH-Senator, MO 1st week 125.0% SAN FRANCISCO— Orpheum, 1st week .... 130.5% (DB) Mark of the Whistler (Col.) SAN FRANCISCO— Orpheum, 2nd week .... 87 4% (DB) Mark of the Whistler (Col.) SAN FRANaSCO—Orpheum, 3rd week .... 55.0% (DB) Mark of the Whistler (Col.) TORONTO— Imperial Ill 2% Coe Is Resuming Series of Talks The series of information addresses he began two years ago will be resumed by Charles Francis Coe, counsel of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, with an address January 29 before the 20th Century Club in Pittsburgh. His subject will be "Why a Million Isn't Much," a discussion requested by the club on the development of drama in the 50 years of the motion picture's public career. The following day he will address the Advertising Club in Washington on "Movies at War." Audiences will include civic, religious and educational leaders in addition to club and motion picture personnel. During his previous series of talks, Mr. Coe made speeches in Boston, New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Hollywood, Rochester, Buffalo, Toronto, Montreal, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Denver and St. Louis. He played return engagements in New York and in Montreal. 20th-Fox To Appeal St. Louis Injunction Against "Band" An appeal will be taken by 20th Century-Fox from the injunction granted Marie Cooper, former St. Louis song writer, against further showing of "Alexander's Ragtime Band." The action followed trial in St. Louis of Miss Moore's plagiarism suit charging the film was adapted from her unpublished novel, "Love Girl." Federal Judge George H. Moore granted the injunction and appointed A. Evan Hughes, former probate judge of St. Louis County, to determine the compensation for damages due Miss Moore. Testimony indicated the picture grossed approximately $7,000,000. Previous court rulings in similar cases have granted plaintiffs 20 per cent of the net profits. Propose "Privilege" Tax First bill affecting films to be introduced in the Tennessee legislature was one seeking to restore to Hamilton County (Chattanooga) the right to collect "privilege" taxes from film theatre owners. Sponsored by County Judge Wiley O. Couch, such a measure, if passed, would cost the theatres at least $12,000 annually. 65