Motion Picture Herald (May-Jun 1946)

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PICTURE CROSSES A statistical compilation and comparison of Box Office Performance in first run theatres Figures directly below picture title compare estimated dollar gross with average gross and show relative percentage of all engagements tabulated. Figures opposite theatre names represent percentage of tabulated grosses to average weekly business based on the six months' period ending April 30, 1946. SYMBOLS: (DB) Double Bill-associate feature title; (SA) Stage Attraction; (MO) MoveOver Run; (AA) Advance Admission. ' \ i INDEX: Over-all performance percentage figures from previously published final reports fo? Index " * °^ "^^'^"^ ^^''^ THE BLUE DAHLIA (Para.) First Report: Total Gross Tabulated $448,800 Comparative Average Gross 392,100 Over-all Performance 114.4% ATLANTA— Fox 75 3% ATLANTA— Roxy, MO' 1st week 105.2% ATLANTA— Roxy, MO 2nd week 78 9% BALTIMORE— Keith's, 1st week . . . 147 0% BALTIMORE— Keith's, 2nd week 78.6% CHICAGO^Chicago, 1st week 124.9% (SA) Vaudeville CHICAGO— Chicago, 2nd week 96 5% (SA) Vaudeville ' ^ NEW YORK-Paramount 125.2% (SA) Cab Calloway's Orchestra, Mills Brothers. OMAHA— Paramount 125 8% OMAHA— Omaha, MO 1st week 107 8% (DB) Girl of the Limberlost (Col.) PITTSBURGH-Stanley, Ist week .... 1404% PITTSBURGH-Stanley, 2nd week 786% PROVIDENCE— Strand, 1st week 126 0% (DB) Blondie's Lucky Day (Col.) PROVIDENCE— Strand, 2nd week 117 6% (DB) Blondie's Lucky Day (Col.) SALT LAKE OTY-Centre 113 2% SAN FRANCISCO--Paramount, 1st week . . 139 4% (DB) Radio Stars on Parade (RKO) SAN FRANQSCO— Paramount, 2nd week . . 98 7% (DB) Radio Stars on Parade (RKO) • DRAGON WYCK (20th-Fox) Final Report: Total Gross Tabulated $1,159,300 Comparative Average Gross 1,030,800 Over-all Performance 112.4% BALTIMORE— New, 1st week 150 0% BALTIMORE— New, 2nd week 1175% BALTIMORE— New, 3rd week 90 0% BOSTON— Memorial, 1st week 118 1% (DB) Ding Dong Williams (RKO) BOSTON— Memorial, 2nd week 104 5% (DB) Ding Dong Williams (RKO) BUFFALC^-Great Lakes 106.8% CHICAGO — Apollo, 1st week 141.2% CHICAGO— Apollo, 2nd week 103 0% CINCINNATI— RKO Palace, 1st week . . 1369% CINCINNATI-RKO Palace, 2nd week . . . 83.1% CINCINNATI— RKO Shubert, MO' 1st week . 96.1% CLEVELAND— Warner's Hippodrome, 1st wk. 135.0% CLEVELAND— Warner's Hippodrome, 2nd wk. 70.0% CLEVELAND -RKO Allen, MO 1st week . . 92.1% DENVER— Denver 106 5% (DB) Gay Blades (Rep.) ' ' DENVER— E.squire 119 5% (DB) Gay Blades (Rep.) ' ' ' DENVERWebber 80 0% (DB) Gay Blades (Rep.) ' ' DENVER— Aladdin, MO 1 St week 73.5% (DB) Gay Blades (Rep.) DENVER— Rialto, MO 2nd week ... 555% (DB) Gay Blades (Rep.) ' KANSAS CITY— Esquire, 1st week 96 3% KANSAS CITY-Esquire, 2nd week 80.0% KANSAS C:iTY-Uptown, 1st week ... 117 1% KANSAS CITY-Uptown, 2nd week 93 4% LOS ANGELES— C^hinese, 1st week . . 15o'6% LOS ANGELES-Chinese, 2nd week . . . 105 '7% LOS ANGELES-Chinese, 3rd week .... 83 3% LOS ANGELES-State, 1st week 135.7% LOS ANGELES— State, 2nd week 98 5% LOS ANGELES-State, 3rd week . . . 600% LOS ANGELES-Uptown, 1st week .... 133.8% LOS ANGELES-Uptown, 2nd week .... 111.5% LOS ANGELES— Uptown, 3rd week .... 84 0% MILWAUKEE— Wisconsin 118 0% NEW YORK-Roxy, 1st week 129.1% MOTION PICTURE HERALD. MAY 25. 1946 Jackie Miles, Connee Boswell, others NEW YORK-Roxy, 2nd week ..... 133 7% Jackie Miles, Connee Boswell, others NEW YORK-Roxy, 3rd week lis 8% AT^^^A^fe'^'^'^ Miles, Connee Boswell, others NEW YORK-Roxy, 4th week .... 84 3% T>iTT^lfe]^'.S,^''^= Connee Boswell, others SSJf^S'^^'PHIA-Fox, 1st week 152.1% PHILADELPHIA-Fox, 2nd week 108 7% PHILADELPHIA-Fox, 3rd week .... S 3% PITTSBURGH-Fulton, 1st week . 1559% PITTSBURGH-Fultwi, 2nd week . . 1129% PITTSBURGH-^Fultmi, 3rd week 967% SALT LAKE CITY-Centre 1102% i^Fr^^^^ CITY-Studio. MO 1st week . 142:1% SAN FRANCISCO-Paramount, 1st week . . 118 0% (DB) Fear (Mono.) ^^'■amount, 2nd week . 98 7% (DB) Fear (Mono.) ^^^I^^'^l^S^^^^ Francis, MO 1st week 84.0% (DB) Fear (Mono.) SEATTLE — Fifth Avenue 119.7% ST. LOUIS— Ambassador, 1st week . . . . 15o!o% ST. LO'UIS — Ambassador, 2nd week . . . 8l!2% FROM THIS DAY FORWARD (RKO) First Report: Total Gross Tabulated $323,800 Comparative Average Gross 301,600 Over-all Performance 107.3% BALTIMORE— Hippodrome, 1st week . . . . 109 6% (SA) Vaudeville BALTIMO'RE^Hippodrome, 2nd week ... 96 2<V^ (SA) Vaudeville ^ ^" BOSTON— Keith's Memorial, 1st week .. 123 0% (DB) Blonde Alibi (Univ.) BOSTON— Keith's Memorial, 2nd week . 104 6% (DB) Blonde Alibi (Univ.) ■ BUFFALO^Twentieth Century, 1st week . 141 7% (DB) Ding Dong Williams (RKO) BUFFALO— Twentieth Century, 2nd week . 98 4% (DB) Ding Dong Williams (RKO) aNaNNATI-RKO Allen " 100 6% CINCINNATI-RKO Shubert, MO 1st week 103.'7% DENVER — Orpheum 95 3% (DB) Ding Dong Williams (RKO) NEW YORK-Palace, 1st week .... 1429% NEW YORK-Palace, 2nd week ' in6% NEW YORK-Palace, 3rd week goo% OMAHA— RKO Brandeis, 1st week . . . 1197% (DB) Dick Tracy (RKO) ' ' ^ OMAHA— RKO Brandeis. 2nd week 89 4<K (DE) Dick Tracy (RKO) " ' PROVIDENCE-Albee, 1st week . . . n5 1% (DB) Dick Tracy (RKO) ' ^ PROVIDENCE-Albee, 2nd week . . . 82 2% (DB) Dick Tracy (RKO) " ' ST. LOUIS — Ambassador 100 0% (DB) Smooth as Silk (Univ.) ST. LOUIS— Missouri, MO' 1st week . . 96 5% (DB) Cinderella Jones (WB) NEW BASE LINE Beginning in this issue, the average, or 100 per cent, line of these tabulations is the average weekly business of the theatres concerned for the six months ending April 30, 1946. The previous period ended January 31, 1946. This brings into the new base a recognition of current economic conditions as they affect box-office performance. Holland^ Aids in Purchase of U.S. Films for Dutch The Dutch Government has appropriated about $350,000 in American money to independent distributors for tlie purchase of U. S. product from September 1 to December 31, it was reported in New York last week by Dr. Herman Kahlennberg, owner of the distributing company, Lumina Fihns, and the first Dutch purchasing agent to visit New York since the war. In the United States to buy what films are available, Dr. Kahlennberg reported that the Bioscoop Bond, the Dutch trade organization,^ is still actively fighting the American Motion Picture Export Association. Although the Association's agents are now contacting Dutch theatres concerning the placement of Association members' product, Dr. Kahlennberg reported that no commitments had been made. He believes, however, that agreement between the Bond and the Export Association will come. The great stumbling block now is the Bond's ruling that a distributor can make no more than 32^ per cent on his picture and that he can be given no guarantees. Currently there are 350 theatres operating in Holland, and business is still very good. Dr. Kahlennberg makes his New York headquarters with J, H. Hoffman, independent distributor. FROM BE6INNINC TO END IT'S A HEART WARMING THRILLER!! 2 1 N G f ^'^ ^''"'"r-^ of von r livart! 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