Motion Picture Herald (May-Jun 1946)

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UA Sets Service Unit for Europe CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Ten cents per word, money-order or check with copy. Count initials, box number and address. Minimum insertion, $1. Four insertions, for the price of three. Contract rates on application. No borders or cuts. Forms close Mondays at 5 P. M. Publisher reserves the right to reject any copy. Film and trailer advertising not accepted. Classi BBB fied advertising not subject to agency commission. Address copy and checks: MOTION PICTURE HERALD, Classified Dept., Rockefeller Center, New York (20) POSITIONS WANTED PROJECTIONIST NEEDS EMPLOYMENT. SIMplex. Century or Motiograph projection machines. CHARLES DEPEW, Windsor, N. Y. PROJECTIONIST, NEW YORK CITY LICENSE, veteran, will take relief work, expert mechanic. Box 112, Kensington Station, Brooklyn 18. N. Y. WANTED— POSITION AS OPERATOR OR OPErator manager. Young man, married, small family. Experienced. Particulars on request. Any location. Gentile connection preferred. P. O. Box 15, Lebanon, Pa. PROJECTIONIST, VETERAN, SEEKS APPRENticeship. Pacific Coast, prefer Central or Northern California. Sober, reliable, conscientious, married-family, non-smoker, 5 years varied experience. KENNETH R. JORDAN, 1676 York St., San Francisco 10, Calif. NEW EQUIPMENT 24" BLADE PEDESTAL FANS, $49.50— BUY NOW — require only 1/6 horsepower motor ; limited quantity blowers, 5,500 cfm., $75.; sizes up to 33,000 cfm.; Griswold 35mm, splicers, shelf worn, $19.95; Navy surplus, dimmers, 2450W, $22.50; 2000W, $19.95; 1650W, $15.95; 1350W, $13.50; panic bolts, $22.50; sound screens, crystal beaded, square foot, AAYzc; Flextone plastic coated, washable, 37 Vie. Send for catalog. S. O. S. CINEMA SUPPLY CORP., 449 W. 42nd St., New York 18. USED EQUIPMENT THEATRE CHAIRS— 1,000 STREAMLINED FULL upholstered American Seating Company Chairs. 1,000 spring-cushioned, relacquered, M inch padded backs. 900 spring-cushions. 1,000 veneer Chairs. Write for prices and photograpljs. JESSE COLE, 2565 McClellan Ave., Detroit, Mich. Phone LEnox 3445. SIMPLEX, POWERS, SOUND, LAMPHOUSES, parts and accessories at bargain prices. Write for bulletin. STAR ONEMA SUPPLY CO., 440 West 45th St.. New York 19. COMPLETE 35 MM. BOOTH EQUIPMENT, LESS than 100 hours used — Brenkert Projectors complete ; Bausch & Lomb lenses; RCA Sound complete with Monitors; Roller Baflfel complete with horns and screen; Brenkert lamps; Benwood-Linze Rectifiers; Griswold Splicer; Neumade Film Cabinets; Rewind Stand Table; Fire Shutters; Carbon Savers. Everything complete for the theatre projection without a scratch. Available immediately. Write: South Dakota Motor Mart Co., 10th & Dakota Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. FOR SALE: COMPLETE BOOTH OUTFIT. Holmes professional latest sound Projectors; 2,000' magazines; Baby Strong Arc Lamps; 15 amp. Rectifiers; constant Speed Motors: 3-point adjustable Pedestals; High Fidelity Amplifier; Screen. Complete ready to go. $980.00. Privatelv owned. Veteran, other interests. BOX 2000, MOTION PICTURE HERALD, VETS ESTABLISH YOUR OWN HOUSE— COMplete army theatre Booth Outfits. Holmes professional latest sound Projectors, 2,000' magazines ; lens ; arc lamps: rectifiers; motors; adjustable heavy pedestals; 30-watt amplifier; monitor; 2 way multicellular horn system. Ready to go, $1,995.00. S. O. S. CINEMA SUPPLY CORP., 449 W. 42nd St., New York 18. 400 REBUILT, REUPHOLSTERED LATE AMERican full upholstered back box spring Chairs, metal lined, $7.95; 300 rebuilt, reupholstered Stafford heavy panel back box spring chairs, $5.95; 150 American ditto, $5.95; 300 American rebuilt, reupholstered red striped velour padded back, box spring, metal lined, $7.95 ; 408 American ditto, $7.95; beautiful cardinal red Leatherette, 52" wide, 100 yards per roll, $1.14 yard; cut lengths, $1.25. Wire for stock list. S. O. S. CINEMA SUPPLY CORP., 449 W. 42nd St., New York 18. SIMPLEX — REAR-SHUTTER HEAD, DOUBLEbearing movement, excellent condition. $300. A. • RESCHER, 175 Wolfs Lane. Pelham 65, N. Y. SERVICES FIRE EXTINGUISHERS AND DOOR CLOSERS. All types and sizes repaired. Mail to: MINNESOTA FIRE EXTINGUISHER CO., 2476 University Ave., St., Paul 4^ Minn. 64 HELP WANTED WANTED: MANAGER FOR PERMANENT Position. State experience, salary expected, references. Send snapshot in first letter. Theatre in Illinois. BOX 1999, MOTION PICTURE HERALD. AGGRESSIVE THEATRE MANAGERS FOR MONtan;i towns, 1,000-7,000 population. Dry climate, ideal working conditions, good hunting, trout fishing. Enclose photo, references. YELLOWSTONE AMUSEMENT CO., Livingston, Mont. BUSINESS BOOSTERS BINGO CARDS, DIE-CUTS, 1 to 100 or 1 to. 75, $2.25 per thousand. $20.00 for lO.OOO. S. KLOUS. care of MOTION PICTURE HERALD. STUDIO EQUIPMENT PROCESS BACKGROUND OUTFITS, COMPLETE, $6,000.00; film Phonographs, $695; latest Galvanometers, $450; Moviolas, $195; Densitometer, $125; Hollywood 2000W studio Fresnel Spots, $57.50; 16mm. sound Printers, $975; Akeley Newsreel Camera, Gvrotripod, $795; 33 1/3 Transcription Record Players, $19.95; Simplex semi-professional 35mm. dual sound projector outfits (export only), $995; Eyemo 3 speed with heavy tripod, $395; Eyemo turret, price on application. Send for listings. S. O. S. CINEMA SUPPLY CORP., 449 W. 42rd St., New York 18. THEATRES THEATRE IN COUNTY SEAT 50 MILES FROM Portland, Oregon. Dandy tile building with brick front and lots of display space. Booth equipment either new or rebuilt this year. First run pictures. About 3,000 draw. Full price, $25,500, $15,000 will handle. ALLEN BURT, A. B. C. Brokerage Company, 304 S. W. 4th Ave., Portland. Ore. ERIE, PA., MOVIE THEATRE FOR SALE ON main street. Land and building. Seating capacity 760; Motiograph projectors and sound equipm^ent. $3,000. Annual rental derived from oflfices and small store. Building 40 X iSty. HARPER & RUSSELL CO., Erie, Pa. THEATRE BROKER FOR BEST RESULTS WHEN BUYING OR SELLing a theatre, consult ANTHONY SERRITELLA, Licensed Theatre Broker, 1204 W. Grand Ave., Chicago 22. TRAINING SCHOOLS THEATRE EMPLOYEES: TRAIN FOR BETTER position. Learn modern theatre management and advertising. Big opportunity for trained men. Established since 1927. Write now for free catalog. THEATRE MANAGERS SCHOOL, Elmira, New York. WANTED TO BUY AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT, COMPRESsors, condensers, etc. Refrigerant type. Carrier, York, Carbondale, Curtis, Westinghouse, General Electric or other standard makes. Any size up to 300 tons, centrifugal preferred. Send full details. BOX 199S, MOTION PICTURE HERALD. BOOKS RICHARDSON'S BLUEBOOK OF PROJECTION. Best seller since 1911. Now in 7th edition. Revised to present last word in Sound Trouble Shooting Charts. Expert information on all phases of projection and equipment. Special new section on television. Invaluable to beginner and expert. $7.25 postpaid. QUIGLEY BOOKSHOP, 1270 Sixth Avenue, New York 20. MOTION PICTURE SOUND ENGINEERING. A "must" to all those working with sound equipment. Written by top-flight engineering experts of Hollywood studios and research laboratories. Covers all phases of sound engineering and equipment. Readable diagrams; charts, tables, and graphs. $5.50 postpaid. QUIGLEY BOOKSHOP, 1270 Sixth Avenue, New York 20. United Artists, has established a European Service Organization in Paris to aid its expansion program in Europe, Walter Gould, foreign manager, announced in New York last week. The office, which is separate from the UA sales organization in Paris, will serve as a central agency for the dubbing, processing and shipping of prints, the printing of accessories in various languages, the development of standardized methods for the operation of UA's foreign exchanges and as a technical research bureau. Heading the new office are Alfredo Ayulo and Raymond Leforgeais, formerly of the home office staff. Mr. Ayulo has been at the New York office for the past five years, serving in the foreign publicity, print and titling departments. Mr. Leforgeais joined UA several months ago to study his particular ESO assignment. Jeanette Emrich Dies; MPA Staff Member Funeral services for Mrs. Jeanette Wallace Emrich, a member of the staff of the Motion Picture Association, were held Tuesday afternoon in Framingham, Mass. Mrs. Emerich died Saturday of a bronchial ailment at the home of a son in Cambridge. Mrs. Emerich had been a member of the staff of the MPA and its predecessor organization since 1931 as liaison between the motion picture industry and such women's organizations as the Daughters of the American Revolution, General Federation of Women's Clubs, International Federation of Catholic Alumna, Better Films Councils, and others. She is survived by two sons and two sisters. Booth Tarkington Booth Tarkington, 76, novelist and playwright, died May 19 at his home in Indianapolis. Perhaps best known for his "Penrod and Sam," Mr. Tarkington twice won the Pulitzer Prize for literature for "The Magnificent Ambersons" and "Alice Adams," both of which have been filmed, as were "Presenting Lily Mars" and "Monsieur Beaucaire." Lee Kohlmar Lee Kohlmar, 75, stage actor and father of Fred Kolmar, Twentieth Century-Fox producer, died in Hollywood May 15 of a heart attack. Interment was at Mount Judah cemetery, New York. 35 MM Motion Pictures for Outright Sale Only. Roadshow Attractions. Also Westerns. Gangster. Spook Pictures and Comedies. We have any type of Pictures you are looking for. Like New Prints from $25.00 up. Write Today for Free Catalogue. Bussa Film Exchange, Friendship, Ohio MOTION PICTURE HERALD, MAY 25, 1946 V