Motion Picture Herald (May-Jun 1946)

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FLASH BALLYHOO Dressed in gingham gowns with parasols, carrying copy exploiting "Two Sisters from Boston", this stunt attracted plenty of attention for manager Arthur Egberts of Loew's Ohio theatre in Columbus. Economical, this barrel device, right, helped manager M. R. Blair to promote "Gilda" at the Regent, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Within the barrel were stills and picture copy. At left, street lampposts placarded to exploit "From This Day Forward" was arranged by publicist h^elen Wabbe of the RKO Golden Gate, San Francisco. Willis E. Shaffer, manager of the Royal theatre, Atchison, Kansas, recently played "The Good Old Days". Reminiscent of the styles worn back in the Nineties, this street ballyhoo attracted considerable attention to the playdate 'm advance of the opening. Appropriately outfitted, this attractive lass, right, did a swell job ballyhooing "The Well Groomed Bride" at the Midwest, Oklahoma City, for manager R. A. hlynes. Window tie-up, left, with downtown department store in Davenport, Iowa, put strong accent on coming Esquire theatre attractions for manager Francis C. Gillon. 60 MOTION PICTURE HERALD. JUNE 15, 1946