Motion Picture Herald (May-Jun 1946)

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SHOWMANSHIP paid off for C. W. Barnes, Jr., of the Granada theatre. Kansas City, Mo., when he recently booked the short subject, "Golden Horses". Film, produced only 30 miles from the city, was overlooked by the first-run houses. Barnes tied up with Starlane Farms which loaned the theatre the attractive ballyhoo above which toured the city. At evening performances the horse and his trainer entertained the audience from the stage. At right is the Granada box office which Barnes converted into a stall from odds-and-ends collected around the theatre. Cost was practically nothing. Manager Jerry Schur, right, collected 1 ,000 cans of food and $100 in cash from children who attended regular Saturday matinee at his Laconia theatre in the Bronx, New York. Each can was good for one ticket on a drawing for prizes. Special box office, left, helped Sol Sorkin, manager of Keith's, Washington, D. C, promote advance sale of tickets for cartoon show. In the outside lobby of the Victoria theatre, New' York City, this attractive display is drawing attention to manager Maurice Maurer's current engagement of "Badman's Territory". Ten days in advance of the opening of "Kitty" at the Paramount, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, city manager hiarry R. Moore erected this massive setpiece measuring I5x 12 feet. MANAGERS' ROUND TABLE. JUNE 15. 1946 61