Motion Picture Herald (Nov-Dec 1946)

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MOTION PICTURE ASSOC IATTON OF AMERICA, 2?? W. 44TH ST. NEW YORK, N . X. HERALD REVIEWS (In Product. Digest) Song of the South The Strange Woman Laughing Lady Terror Trail Johnny Frenchman Secret of the Whistler OP Court retires to write decree, ready Christmas — maybe CJ Tax receipts graph shows box office income 10% above last year and continuing €\ Johnston sails to report on the foreign market €\ Monogram expects to double foreign revenue €] Columbia and Rank plan new production in Australia CJ RKO starts work on picture in France H MGM opens 16mm educational program for Great Britain <] Allied asks members to sign for four on new "B" production program VOL. IBS, NO. S; NOVEMBER 2, 1946 Entered as second-class matter, January 12, 1931, at the Post Office, at New York City, U. S. A., under the act of March 3 1879 Pub hshed weekly by Qmgley Publishing Co., Inc., at I 1270 Sixth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, New York 20, N. Y. Subscription 'prices': $5 0( a year in the Americas, $10.00 a year Foreign. Single copy, 25 cents. All contents copyright 1946 by Quigley Publishing Company