Motion Picture Herald (Nov-Dec 1946)

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THIS WEEK the Camera reports: "SCROLLS OF ACHIEVEMENT", held by recipients, at the SMPE convention last week. Left to right are T. K. Stevenson, WE vice-president; Earl Sponable, 20th Century-Fox; Douglas Shearer, MGM; Donald Hyndman, of Eastman, SMPE president; Max Batsel, RCA: S. E. Gates, GE; Dr. Harvey Fletcher, Bell Telephone; Charles A. Dostal, Westinghouse vice-president, and Jack Gaines, DeForest. Filmcraft Pictures By the Herald DAVID ROSE, who, with James Mason as his partner-star, will produce pictures here and abroad, is a New York visitor these days, and will go to Hollywood shortly. The object: deals — for talent, technicians, studios, and releasing arrangements. WHEN BARNEY ROSE, new Northwest district manager for Universal International, arrived in Portland, Ore., on his first visit to the territory, the J. J. Parker Theatres welcomed him at luncheon in the Aero Club. Seated, left to right, are A. M. Dunlop; H. A. Lake, Parker circuit; Mr. Rose; Jack Matlack, Parker circuit manager and advertising director, and R. O. Wilson, Universal-International branch manager. THE U. S. ARRIVES in Czechoslovakia, fittingly with "Wilson". The scene on stage at the opening of 20th CenturyFox's story of a President who helped found Czechoslovakia: Jindrich Elbl, film export-import plenipotentiary, introduces the picture at the Alfa theatre, Prague. The Czech inscription reads: "U. S. A. Greets Czechoslovakia". The film is the first from the Motion Picture Export Association. Ben6 Elstner 10 MOTION PICTURE HERALD, NOVEMBER 2, 1946