Motion Picture Herald (Nov-Dec 1946)

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J. ARTHUR RANK presents Phyllis James CALVERTw MASON with HUGH SINCLAIR and Anne Crawford • Peter Murray Hill • Dulcie Gray Barrie Livesey • Pamela Kellino A UNIVERSAL RELEASE Screenplay by Roland Pertwee • From the Famous Novel by Dorothy Whipple * Adaptation by Katherine Strueby Directed by ARTHUR CRABTREE • Produced by HAROLD HUTH • Exec. Prod.: MAURICE OSTRER A GAINSBOROUGH PICTURE MERVYN JOHNS ROLAND CULVER FREDERICK VALK SALLY ANN HOWES GOOGIE WITHERS MICHAEL REDGRAVE Screenplay by John Baines and Angus Macphail • Based on Original Stories by E. F. Benson and John Baines. Directed by Cavalcanti, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer Associate Producers : Sidney Cole aud John Croydon Produced by Michael Balcon. A UNIVERSAL RELEASE AN EALING PRODUCTION J. ARTHUR RANK presents resents (/Madonna of the Seven JVIoons From the Novel by Margery Lawrence starring Phyllis CALVERT • Stewart GRANGER • Patricia ROC with Peter GLENVILLE . John STUART • Nancy PRICE • Reginald TATE • Jean KENT Screenplay by Roland Pertwee • Directed R. E. Dearing • Produced by R. J. M inney A GAINSBOROUGH PICTURE by Arthur Crabtree • Associate Producer: In Charge of Production: Maurice Ostrer A UNIVERSAL RELEASE