Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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Trailers for all Feature PRODUCTIONS may be secured at NATIONAL SCREEN SERVICE, INC. New York: 126 West 46th Street Chicago: 732 South Wabash Ave. Announcement service of coming attractions in motion picture form BUSINESS WILL BE GOOD IN 1923 It has been our privilege to originate and print a novel folder on " None So Blind " for the Arrow Exchange. A half million were sold direct to the exhibitor. For Your Printing and Advertising Problem See — The Exhibitor Press a Printing plus Exploitation " You buy our printing and we create the exploitation ideas for you. " You will give us your printing eventually — do it now! " THE EXHIBITOR PRESS 729 Seventh Avenue, New York City 2nd Floor Phone Bryant 6745 AKELEY The CAMERA OF SUPERIOR Accomplishments ANOTHER REASON See the picture called " Jacqueline " Just released by Arrow Some new and striking screen effects of quality, photographed by and made possible with Akeley Camera. Write for catalogue AKELEY CAMERA, INC. 244 West 49th Street New York City MR. EXHIBITOR: "THEMATIC MUSIC CUE SHEETS" ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT PRACTICALLY ALL THE FILM EXCHANGES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY THEMATIC MUSIC CUE SHEET (P)trnt Applied For) "NIGHT LIFE IN HOLLYWOOD" COMPILED BY JAMES C BRADFORD AT SCREENING A Ball Scene (Nicode) {far. /*/ frjW M0***4& THE FILM COMPANIES GIVE "THEMATIC MUSIC CUE SHEETS" TO THEIR CUSTOMERS a qtt T?f\X> TXJI71VT WITHOUT CHARGE AoJV f UK IJIJ^IVI They'll Perfect Your Music Presentation