Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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March 24, 1923 1457 HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD Daniel Carson Goodman's Masterful Production Now being sold throughout the world The Brilliant Cast Charles Richman Robert Edeson Mary Alden Hedda Hopper Elinor Fair Vincent Coleman Lyda Lalo •p^T T7 "\7 U In all the history of the picture 1^1 MZa V JELiXV business have First Run theatres and all other theatres, had such a demand for Big Society dramas as right NOW. This is the Jazz age . . . this is the period in the world's history when women and girls are having their wildest fling. Cash in on this nation wide demand. . . Give your patrons something new. . . a magnificent photo drama, gorgeously dressed and produced and one that carries a tremendous message besides. . . a picture that TELLS SOMETHING while it entertains supremely. " HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD " is a genuine clean up when exploited and handled the way our big Press Book directs. Have you your copy? Independents, write or wire us today for territory and terms. EQUITY PICTURES CORPORATION 723 Seventh Avenue, New York City