Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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1466 Motion Picture N e iv s Burr in South for Few Weeks Extensive Product Be Put Under Wa> CC. BURR, president of Mas• todon Films, Inc., will recuperate in Palm Beach from his severe illness of the last several weeks. With his family and attending physician. Mr. Burr will leave for the South in the next several days. A slight cold somewhat neglected was the forerunner of a severe attack of pneumonia which overtook the Mastodon executive in the midst of active preparations for the season's program of features for the independent market. Johnny Hines, who has just finished Luck," was marking time impatiently to start off on his next and thus far biggest feature comedy. Two stories have been bought and productions on these were awaiting Mr. Burr's command to begin. These stories are " The Average Woman," the famous Saturday Evening Post story by Dorothy de Jaegers and " Rich Men's Sons " bv Gerald Duffy. The first program has been accounted for with the completion several weeks ago of " You Are Guiltv," with James Kirkwood and Carmel Myers as the featured players, and Johnny Hines' latest feature comedy, "Luck." Both of these pictures are being rapidly sold to the independent territories. The earlier part of the program, which is already having national release. ion Schedule to Upon His Return are " The Last Hour,'' with Milton Sills and Carmel Myers; "Sure Fire Flint," with Johnny Hines, and Johnny's " Burn 'Em Up Barnes " and '' I Am the Law." Plans for increasing the output of short subjects were also under way. Raymond Harris, assistant to Mr. Burr, has taken over complete supervision of the short subject department in Mr. Burr's absence and has active plans for immediately augmenting the number of All-Star comedy releases. This department was organized last September and to date has produced eight comedies. These comedies feature Charlie Murray, Raymond McKee and Kathlene Martyn, a former member of the Ziegfcld Follies and an acknowledged stage beauty. All-Star comedies are released regularly to the W. W. Hodkinson Corporation. A new addition of Earl Hurd's cartoon comedies and Burr's scenics and novelty reviews is being prepared and will be released through independent exchanges, as are all Mastodon feature productions. Mr. Burr will probably spend about three weeks in Palm Beach. Immediately upon his return, it is announced, he will begin productions upon several big features al'ready determined upon. Boost for ' Tun from the Press Large Number of Bookings Is Accredited to Literary Digest's Campaign ACCORDING to C. J. Post, assistant to the president of the W. W. Hodkinson Corporation, whose efforts center upon the propagation of the Literary Digest's " Fun from the Press," mamcontracts have been received by the home office and sales made direct bv mail. In the estimation of Mr. Post this is due to the exceptional exploitation and sales promption provided by the Literary Digest. Through the efforts of the Literary Digest and the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse & Compan\ . the number of families reached, through the Literary Digest's advertising and the special Digest's plan of direct to the home campaign, has been compiled. These facts then can be given for each localitv in which the exhibitor is located. Through this plan figures have been compiled whereby it can be shown wherein the local exhibitor can get "Fun from the Press " for a less cost than it would take for this particular exhibitor to circularize or advertise this production in his own territory. Mr. Post says. " Over 650 daily newspapers every week carry from one-third to a full page of advertising in which " Fun from the Press" is heavily featured; 25,000 street cars carry two-color car cards. In November over 8,000,000 circular letters were sent to the telephone subscribers of the United States. In addition to this the sales force of the Literary Digest, comprising 15.000 canvassers, have been instructed to urge every prospect to see this one-reel laugh maker. By pointing out these facts to the exhibitor and showing him by actual figures the number of people in "his particular locality that are reached through the avenues of advertising adopted by the Literary Digest, little difficulty has been experienced in proving to him the value of 'Fun from the Press.' This results in an unusual amount of contracts being made by mail." "Only a Husband" a Hall Room Comedy " Everybody marries for better or worse— but most of 'em don't know which they're going to get " is the burden of the newest Hallroom Boys Comedy which C. B. C. has just received from the West Coast for release. " Only a Husband " is the title that has been given this releaseand it is promised that husbands everywhere will join the Husband's Protective League after seeing itwhile wives will polish up the cutglass potato mashers to greet them with when they return. Jean Havez wrote the story for this comedy, Al Santell directed it. The cast includes George Williams. Al Smith, Marion Mack and Bud Tamison. Scenes from Viola Dana's latest comedy drama for Metro release, in Newboro." The Noise News Weeklies Resume Kinograms No. 2230: — Paris, tribute from 0. S. to French generals; Personalities in the News — New York, Maj. Gen. Henry T. Allen. Three generations — his son, Capt. Henry T. Allen, Jr., Mrs. Allen, Jr., and Henry T. Allen, 3rd; Washington, D. C, Prince Andrew and Prince Christopher, royal Greek exiles, call on Secretary Denby at the Navy Department: New York, Archbishop Fumasoni-Biondi, new apostolic delegate to the United States, arrives; New York, Admiral Sir Wm. Pakenham, commander of British North Atlantic Squadron, sails for England ; St. Moritz, Switzerland, jockies make good as curling experts; New York, Italian reservists return to America — steamer " Taormina " arrives with 1,700 who were called from U. S. to serve in Great War; New York, "human fly " tries it once to often — Harry Young, noted climber, just before the attempt which ended in his fall to death; Los Angeles, wins auto race by 6-100ths 6f a second — Jimmy Murphy breaks world record — Hill only five feet behind ; Coney Island, N. Y., throng tries new Coney boardwalk — on first mild Sunday of the year, 200,000 make believe that summer is here; Newport News, Va.. "Leviathan" hailed as finest afloat; Washington, offered $30,000 job. prefers his garden — Senator John Sharp Williams of Mississippi, ending public life, calls on President: Norwood, Mass., the army tackles a big moving job ; Pawtucket, R. I.. Bay State team is defeated at soccer — the Abbots lose to Coats team in semi-final game of the National Sup series. Germany, flood of marks forces German banks to enlarge; In the Public Eye — New York City, General Henry T. Allen, commander of U. S. forces on Rhine, returns home, his job well done; Chicago, I1L, Jackie Coogan is sworn in as a full-fledged admiral or somethin' in the Sea Scouts; Washington, D. C, new chief of the War Veterans' Bureau — General Frank T. Hines, succeeding Col. Forbes; Washington, D. C, Japan's new Ambassador, Masanano Hanihara, makes his first call at the White House in full regalia; New York City, Archbishop Biondi, new Apostolic Delegate, arrives from Rome; New York City, In Memoriam — Governor Smith leads a throng of thousands in last tribute to Congressman W. Bourke Cockran, famous orator; Derbyshire, England, entire towns battle in yearly football games: Hamilton, Canada. $1,000,000 fire wipes out big business section; Berlin, Germany, latest type of German tank has legs and uses 'em: Washington, D. C, Mrs. Harding makes first public appearance with President as they start south for vacation. International News No. 22 : — Belfast. Ireland, Duke of Abercorn assumes rule over "Northern Ireland ; New York City, baby camels arrive after long ocean trip: Lhassa, Thibet, Thibet's "dancing devils" welcome the New Year; Near Ashton. Idaho, mail carriers battle record Westem snows; Angora, Asia Minor, Turkey's " Miracle Man " weds beautiful heiress; Miami, Fla., speedy greyhounds tested for Spring race classic; Ormond. Fla.. President and Mrs. Harding on vacation in Dixie. Pathe News No. 20: — Washington, D. C.. President and Mrs. Harding start on trip to Florida, their first vacation in twelve months: Ivrea, Italy, annual carnival; Constantinople, Turkey, Admiral Dumesnil, in command of the French fleet in the Bosphorus, is recalled to France ; In the Limelight — Hoboken, N. J., General Allen back home and in " civies " for first time since 1917 — three generations of Aliens — "General Allen with his son. Captain H. T. Allen, Jr., and Captain Allen's family: Hot Springs, Ark., is Babe Ruth as good at golf as at baseball? Brooklyn, N. Y., army transport airplane No. 26 crashes to ground within 75 feet of a safe landing; New York City, plump ladies pay tribute to Dr. Coneland on becoming Senator; Lizard Head. England, rescue crew lashed to rigging of storm-tossed ship through night of terror; Washington. D. C, " Congress over — all out this way! " Los Angeles, Cal.. auto king sets new world's record — 60,000 Dersons see Jimmy Murphy average 115 miles an hour in 250-mile race. Pathe News No. 21 : — Jacksonville. Fla., the President alights to chat with friends as train makes a short step en route to Ormond ; Sydney, Australia. Australia's swiftest " strokes " compete in swimming carnival; Dusseldorf, Germany, France bestows first decorations of the Ruhr Occupation: In the Limelight— Tetuan, Morocco, Lloyd George a welcome guest in Spanish Morocco: Washington, D. C, President appoints new Governor for Porto Rico; Dede Agatch, Thrace, Greece reinforces army on Thracian border; Winthrop. Mass.. gales along New England coast whip waves into fury: Pirenze, Italy. Crown Prince of Italy attends dedication of first .tree .in .new ."Park .of .Remembrance;" New York City, latest arrivals from abroad will populate zoon and circus; Kure, Japan, ready for naval limitation. International News No. 21: — Washington. D. C. striking farewell scenes as 67th Congress quits: Nice, France, thousands revel in Battle of Flowers; Toulon, France, re-float great warship sunk twelve years ago. Remarkable engineering feat accomplished in raising of French battleship "Liberte;" Berlin. Kinograms No. 2231: — Madrid. Soanish capital in a frolicsome mood ; New York, minus passports, immigrants get in — they arrive from Hamburg, Germany, after 24 days of storm and much seasickness; Personalities in the News — New York, former Senator J. Hamilton Lewis of Illinois back from abroad: San Antonio, Texas, army aviators hop off on long flight — six big planes begin trip to Porto Rico to test merits of new air route.