Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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1468 Motion Picture News Production -Distribution Activities Abysmal Brute" on Way East Adaptation of Jack London's Fight Story Set for April by Universal Earle Williams as he appears in the Vitagraph Special, " Masters of Men." "Daytime Wives" Nearing Completion " Daytime Wives," a new special for F. B. O. release, is nearing completion at the Film Booking Offices studio under the direction of Emile Chautard. Scenes were filmed this week on the big " skyscraper " set, which was erected at the studio for the picture, and the present schedule calls for an early shipment of the print. To add realism to the construction scenes which form an important part of the picture, a framework several stories high was especially built and contractors' derricks obtained, so that the swinging of the • iron girders to dizzy heights could be accurately pictured. Wyndham Standing is cast in the leading male role, with Ann Perdue playing the stenographer, and Grace Darmond the wife. This eternal triangle story is said to have been developed in a unique and fascinating manner by Wyndham Gittens and Helmer Bergman, who wrote the continuity from the story by Lenore Coffee and John F. Goodrich. " Shadows" Praised by Fan Publication "Shadows," the Preferred Picture presented by B. P. Schulberg with Lon Chaney in the leading role, received another tribute as an exceptional picture when Moving Picture Stories, a weekly fan publication of large circulation, was inspired through the merits of the film to establish a new department, ' just Among Ourselves." In explaining the inauguration of this department of comment, the editor said, "Did you ever see a picture, a bit of acting that impressed you so forcibly that you just couldn't wait to talk it over with someone? That's the way I felt when I saw Preferred Pictures' production, 'Shadows.' " itnpHE ABYSMAL BRUTE," A Hobart Henley's latest Uni\ersal-Jewel production, is on the way East, the Universal home office reports. It is expected in New York in a day or so, and as soon as it has been reviewed by Universal executives, it will be rushed to the laboratory, where advance prints will be made for the various Universal exchanges in this country and Canada. A special showing, before a selected audience of persons high in the film world, was given in the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, on the eve of the departure of the original print eastward. The feature was acclaimed as a knock-out and classified as one of the big pictures of 1923. Wiring to the Universal home office, Carl Laemmle, president of the Universal Pictures Corporation, voiced the following opinion, after seeing the first screening of the Henley production: " Held premiere showing of ' Abysmal Brute ' Ambassador Hotel tonight. Everyone says better picture than ' The Flirt ! ' I personally am delighted with it. Think it one of the best audience pictures I have seen in many months. We have hit it big again." " The Abysmal Brute " stars Reginald Denny. Jack London wrote " TKe Abysmal Brute." It is one of his most popular novels, and gives a dramatic insight into the ring game as it existed on the West Coast a decade ago. Mabel Julienne Scott plays the chief supporting role. Others in the cast include Charles French, Hayden Stevenson, David Torrance, George Stewart, Buddy Messinger, Craufurd Kent, Irene Haisman, Dorothea Wolbert, Julia Brown, Nell Craig, Will R. Walling, Tom McGuire, Harry Mann, Tom Kennedy, Noble Johnson and others. In addition to the regular cast, the west coast was combed for ring material to reproduce accurately the atmosphere of sporting circles. Nine well-known prize fighters were added to the cast. Among them are Kid Wagner, Goat Lavin, Monty Farrell, Tom O'Brien, Jack Horrick, Al Norton, Leo Latlock and Pat Harmon. Carl Laemmle has dedicated the picture to the American Legion, because of the wonderful spirit of clean athletics engendered in young American manhood by the war and the subsequent veteran activities. A. P. Younger, one of Universale most experienced scenario writers, adapted the Jack London novel for the screen. The scenes, most of which were filmed in the California mountains, at the beach and at Universal City, were photographed by Charles Stumar. Universal plans to release " The Abysmal Brute " early next month. Distinctive Expanding Schedule "Seats of the Mighty" by Gilbert Parker Acquired for Production SINCE the announcement of the first two 1923 feature-productions of Distinctive Pictures Corporation— " Backbone " and " The Ragged Edge "—Arthur S. Friend and Henry M. Hobart have been busy on the development of the full schedule for the year. The most recent acquisition was made last week when Sir Gilbert Parker, author of " Seats of the Mighty " and " The Right of Way," went over to the Madison avenue offices and sold to Distinctive his celebrated novel, " The Weavers." It is a tale of the Egypt of fifty years ago — gripping in plot, fascinating in its swift action. The story will require a great cast and will permit of the creation of unusual sets, on which work will be begun immediately. Work has already been begun on "The Steadfast Heart," by Clarence Budington Kelland, author of "Backbone." This story is based on a serial now running in Collier's Weekly and deals with the fight of a waif of a boy against adversity and the barriers of society. Another on the Distinctive list is " Two Can Play," by Gerald Mygatt. The story deals with the whim of a wealthy man who does not wish his niece to marry a " lounge lizard " obviously unsuited to her tastes and desires. He engages a young man to act as a burglar—a " Raffles " — and complications set in when a real burglar appears on the scene. The sixth of the list is "The Green Goddess," the William Archer melodrama which George Arliss has been using on a successful tour of the country after the long run in New York. "Daughters of Rich" to Be Issued April 22 "Daughters of the Rich," Edgar Saltus' famous novel, now in its second week of production at the Schulberg studios, will be released by the Al Lichtman Corporation on April 22d.. as the eighth Preferred Picture on their program. Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne in a scene from " Modern Marriage," American Releasing Corporation's picture which marks the return of these stars to the screen Enlarged Staff to Aid Will Nigh's New Film A directorial staff of eighteen and a technical staff of fifteen are at work on Will Nigh's second feature production for L. Lawrence Weber and Bobby North, now nearing completion in the East. Ben Behrens, Nigh's right hand man and assistant director, heads the list of directorial associates under Nigh. He acted in the same capacity on all of Nigh's previous hits. The business end of the production is in the hands of Frank Loomis, one of the most efficient studio managers in the field. The art director is John T. Schulze, designer of all of Nigh's past settings. The photographic division is headed by Jack Brown and Sidney Hickox, both veteran cameramen and experts in trick photography. They have injected novel effects that will surprise filmdom. Timothy McGrath is chief electrician. Jack Sharp is chief of the construction department. Under his hand eighteen full-stage sets were built in record time. Among the more important assistants are Fred Kohlberg and Charles Harten in the electrical division, Ernest Feighte, assistant art director, and Alice Satin, continuity writer. Keen' Interest in Assoc. Photoplay Product The announcement made last week of the reorganization of the Associated Photo-Plays, Inc., and the appointment of A. Canter as sales manager is followed this week by news of the arrival of the first of a series of five pictures starring Milton Sills. "Why Women ReMarry." Mr. Canter, who is in charge of sales of all the productions to be released through franchise holders in the state right field, states that much interest has already been evinced in the first of the Milton Sills series. Both foreign and domestic buyers have begun bidding for the territorial rights of the pictures, it i? stated.