Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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1970 Motion Picture News Truart Signs Elaine Hammerstein Scenes from " The Covered Wagon," the special production directed by James Cruze for Famous Players-Lasky from the story by Emerson Hough. 13 Paramount Units at Work Production in East and West Coast Plants at Highest Point in Years Dorothy Dalton has started work under the direction of Ralph Ince in " Leah Kleschna," which T. Clarkson Miller has adapted from C. M. S. McLellan's famous play. James Rennie, Alphogse Ethier, Walter Percival and Frederick Lewis are among those in the supporting cast. Agnes Ayres and the company making "The Heart Raider" are still in Florida on location, but are expected back at the studio in a few davs. WITH thirteen companies at work, the production activity of Paramount at the West Coast •and Eastern studios is now at the highest point in years. In California nine companies are either at work in the Lasky studio or on location, while in the East three companies are busy at the Long Island studio and one is in Florida. Out at the Lasky studio James Cruze is shooting the final sequences for " Hollywood." Walter \V< ods is production editor and the adaptation of Frank Condon's short story to the screen is by Thomas J. Geraghty. George Fitzmaurice is nearing the end of " The Cheat," with Pola Negri starred and Jack Holt featured. Sam Wood has " Bluebeard's Eighth Wife " well along toward completion and has just finished some striking vision scenes of the Bluebeard legend. William de Mille is finishing "Only 38" with Elliott Dexter, Lois Wilson, May McAvoy and George Fawcett featured. Herbert Brenon is now in San Francisco getting prison scenes for " The Woman with Four Faces." featuring Betty Compson and Richard Dix. Jerome Storm has a good start on " Children of Jazz," with Theodore Kosloff, Ricardo Cortez, Eileen Percy and Robert Cain featured. George Melford has just started " Salomv Jane." Jacqueline Logan, George Fawcett and Maurice Flynn are featured. Rob Wagner is doing " Fair Week." Walter Hiers is star and the company has just returned from Pleasanton. Cal., for studio scenes. "The Silent Partner " was started April 2 with Leatrice Joy. Owen Moore and Robert Edeson featured. At the studio in Long Island City Allan Dwan is nearing the end of the second of his series of special productions for Paramount. "Lawful Larceny." Nita Naldi, Hope Hampton, Conrad Nagel and Lew Cody are the featured players. Jumble Puzzle C. B. C. Feature Aid A "jumble-puzzle" is one of the new "interest-teasers" which the C. B. C. Film Sales Corporation has prepared for the use of franchise holders and exhibitors handling the Belasco production, "Her Accidental Husband," which C. B. C. is distributing. This takes the form of an en\ elope containing twenty small squares on each one of which q large black letter is printed. The directions on the envelope state that the letters, when properly pieced together, spell the name of a big production soon to play, and that to the first five persons sending in the correct answer a week's pass to the theatre showing the picture will be given. "Madness of Youth" Is Released April 8th John Gilbert in "The Madness of Youth " was released April 8th by the Fox Film Corporation. In the role of the clever young thief Gilbert is afforded a chance for some uncommonly convincing acting. The picture was directed by Jerome Storm from a story by George F. Worts. Billie Dove plays opposite the star. Elaborate Producing New Units and M TRUART PICTURE CORPORATION, of which M. H. Hoffman is general manager, is fast completing its production arrangements, so that it will take its place among the foremost of the industry's independent producer-distributors. During his recent visit to Los Angeles Mr. Hoffman made final negotiations with Edward Dillon, producer-director for a series of four special productions to be completed during the forthcoming year. In order that added value may be given to this series from the exhibition point of view, beyond that offered by the fact that the pictures will be based only upon well known and successful novels and plays, Mr. Hoffman contracted for Elaine Hammerstein to star in the series. The first of these productions, directed by Edward Dillon and starring Miss Hammerstein, is "Broadway Gold," already practically completed. Arrangements Include any Additional Stars As a second production until A. Carlos and Roland West are already at work on preparation for the filming of "The Unknown Purple," the successful stage success of two seasons in New York, written by Mr. West, who is also directing ine picture. The management of the • Carlos Productions will be under the supervision of Mr. A. Carlos, who for over sixteen years was associated with William Fox motion picture interests. "The Unknown Purple" is the first of a series of three or four productions by the Carlos-West unit to be made during the year for Tiffany-Truart distribution. All of them will be based on famous plays or novels. The distribution policy of Truart on the independent market will be the franchising of its yearly output through independent exchanges, and in some territories the franchising will be done directlv with exhibitors. Warner Picture Pleases Critics Trade Paper Reviewers Give Praise to "Little Church Around Corner" WARNER BROTHERS, "The Little Church Around the Corner," which was shown at the Strand theatre, New York, during the week of March 25, has been acclaimed by the trade paper critics as an entertaining and as convincing a melodrama as has been produced in some time. The picture was adapted from the play by Charles E. Blaney, with story and scenario by Olga Print2 lau. William A. Seiter directed the production. Claire Windsor heads a cast which includes Kenneth Harlan, Hobart Bosworth, Walter Long, Pauline Stark, Alex Francis, Margaret Seddon, Cyril Chadwick, George Cooper and Winter Hall. Exhibitors Herald said : " Again the Warner Brothers score with as Neil Hamilton, whose work in " The White Rose " gained him a three and one-half year D. W. Griffith contract. entertaining and convincing a melodrama as has been produced in some time." Moving Picture World said : " ' The Little Church Around the Corner ' is good audience stuff. The title is a good draw. A Warner classic that makes good boxoffice material." Exhibitors Trade Review said: " There are genuine thrills in the scenes surrounding the mine disaster." Confirming the opinions of the trade paper critics, the Strand theatre, Providence, managed by Edward L. Reed, wired the Warner offices as follows: "Just finished running ' Little Church Around the Corner.' From a box-office standpoint cannot be beat. Did capacity business afternoon and evening. Patrons very well pleased with this production, stick to it and give us more like it." New Actor Given Long Griffith Contract x jEILL HAMILTON, practically unknown to motion picture patrons, has just signed a contract with D. W. Griffith whereby he is assured work at a good salary with the noted producer-director's organization for a term of three and onehalf years. Mr. Hamilton has been working for Mr. Griffith in the forthcoming production "The White Rose," which it is expected will be shown to the public by the early Summer. His work in this picture so pleased Mr. Griffith that the long-term contract was the result.