Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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1974 Motion Picture News Additional Reports on New Theatre Projects California Leads in Construction With Activivities Well Distributed Throughout the Country CALIFORNIA Lodx — Alex Solomon announces his intention of erecting a motion picture theatre at School and Oak Streets to cost $100,000, with a seating capacity of 1,300. Building to start soon. Los Angeles — A. L. Erlanger, theatrical producer of New York, will build theatre at the southeast corner of Fifth St. and Grand Ave. to cost upwards of $500,000. Construction work will start at once. San Diego — R. E. Hicks, owner of the Cabrillo theatre, and Sid Grauman will build theatre at site located on corner of 4th and E Streets which will cost about $1,000,000. Preliminary sketches being made. San Pedro — H. A. Zimmerman, manager of Majestic theatre, announces plans in the making for his father, C. E., for the erection of a new theatre building on the west side of Beacon St. between 4th and 5th Sts. New house will contain two stories, have a seating capacity of 56U and cost $150,000. Santa Ana — L. O. Vaughan, owner of the Temple theatre site announces plans for the building of three stories on the site of the Temple, southwest corner of Bush and Third Sts. The seating capacity will be about 2,000 and represent an outlay of $200,000. Lot has a frontage of 125 feet on Third and depth of 150 feet. Santa Monica — Venice Amuse. Co., district associates of the West Coast Theatres, Inc., announces the erection of a $500,000 theatre at the corner of Third S^ and Arizona Ave. Construction to commence February, 1923. Beverly Hills — Ground will be broken for a new theatre building to cost $75,000, according to Harrison Lewis of Beverly Hills. Architect Asa Hudson is preparing building plans. Theatre will contain 600 seats. Eagle Rock — Myron T. Hunt, Los Angeles architect, and Prof. YVm. D. Ward, head of the classical language department of the Occidental College, have plans for an open air amphitheatre. Newark — Henry Richards, owner of the Rex theatre, Niles, expects to open a new $10,000 moving picture house. Theatre will Regular Construction and Equipment Section Omitted THE regular Theatre Construction and Equipment Department of the MOTION PICTURE NEWS is being omitted this week, the special section prepared by Thomas W. Lamb, architect, being published instead. It is recommended that everyone interested in theatre construction equipment and remodelling read this section by Mr. Lamb as the information therein contained is of an unusually helpful character. In next week's issue of the NEWS the regular Theatre Construction and Equipment Section will appear as usual containing the next installation of articles which have been running in series. be 50 x 100 and will seat 350. Structure will be of stucco or hollow tile brick. ILLINOIS Chicago — A 2,000-seat moving picture theatre is to be erected on Halsted Street between 69th and 70th Streets, at a cost of $500,000 for Attorney Rudolph P. Perlman. Plans are being designed by Architect David Saul Klafter. INDIANA Indiana Harbor — Mac Turner, 633 Hohman Bldg., care of Standard Elec. Co., has completed plans for an $80,000 show house to be erected on Cedar St., between 136th and 137th Sts., of which James Piwaronas, 3602 Deodar St., is owner. MAINE Portland — A new million dollar movie theatre is to be erected near High and Congress Sts. by the Famous Players Lasky Corp. Wm. T. Gray of Lewiston is one of the prime movers in the enterprise. MASSACHUSETTS Clinton — The Clinton Theatre Co. has been formed to erect a modern theatre building on High Street to cost $100,000, to be fitted for both legitimate plays and motion pictures. Holyoke—F. L. Frechette of S. Hadley Falls will expend about $25,000 to convert the First Baptist Church into a moving picture theatre. Quincy — Dennis F. Crowley has plans by John F. Cullen, 10 Bosworth St., Boston, for theatre, store and office building. Construction to start soon. Worcester — A new theatre, located at Webster Square, will be built by Harry Steinberg, Prop, of Steinberg theatre, Webster. Theatre will seat 1,400 and cost $200,000. James Boyd, Meriden, Conn., architect MICHIGAN Flint — John Eberson, 212 E. Superior St., has plans for a two-story theatre for Bijou Theatrical Ent, W. S. Butterfield. Brick and steel construction. MINNESOTA St. Paul — Permit has been given Oscar Tatkin and Morris Goldberg to build a motion picture theatre on Grand Ave. between Cambridge and Baldwin Sts. Building to be of brick construction with terra cotta and cut stone ornamentation, and have a seating capacity of 600. Architects, Hausler & Wright, 609 Pittsburgh Bldg. St. Paul— Architect C. A. Hausler, 609 Pittsburg Bldg., has plans for one-story $25,000 theatre to be built on Grand Ave., between Cambridge and Baldwin, for Oscar Fatkin, Equity Barber Supply Co., 145 West 7th St., house to be of brick, terra cotta and stone. MISSOURI St. Louis — Architect E. J. Lawler, Chemical Bldg., has plans for $25,000 one-story theatre, 67x135, to be built on Easton and Deer Ave, which will be brick, fireproof, stone trim. Architect taking bids. Universal City — Architect Manran, Russell & Crowell, Chemical Bldg., St Louis, Mo., have plans for a five-story, 142x110, $350,000 theatre to be built on Delmar & Limit for Syndicate, care of W. C. Hay, Central Nafl Bank Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. Plans being drawn. St. Louis — A five-story building, housing a theatre with a seating capacity of 1,200, seven stories and 48 apartments will be erected at a cost of $400,000 on a lot 143 by 110 feet on the south side of Delmar Boulevard, 400 feet west of Limit Ave. Kansas City — H. A. Richardson has purchased the northwest corner of Mill Creek Parkway and Archibald St., 140 x 70, and intends to build a motion picture theatre. NEW JERSEY Jersey City — J. Jackson, 1819 Broadway, N. Y. C, has completed plans for the $500,000 theatre for Bergen Ave. Owner Y. M. C. A., 76 Montgomery St., Jersey City. Newark — E. Krabbenschmidt 32 Prospect St, has completed plans for the $40,000 theatre for Union Street Owner, Geo. W. Croucher & Son, Union St., Newark, N. J. View of the beautiful new Bellevue theatre, Zurick, Switzerland. It will be noted that the choice seats are placed in the center. An American product is well represented in the form of the Minusa gold fibre screen made in St. Louis RHODE ISLAND Providence — A permit has been granted for the erection of a one-story brick building, 40x84, on Charles Street, to be used as a theatre. Permit granted to the Falciglia Amusement Corporation.