Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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an Camera to Screen UT of three hundred or more pretentious motion pictures that will be made for the season of 19231924, twenty-five or thirty will stand out conspicuously. The future alone will reveal the producers whose names will be registered upon this roll of screen honor, but it is a matter of considerable pride of the STANDARD FILM LABORATORIES to recall that many of the past years best pictures went through our plant from camera to screen. ITH the continually increasing number of prominent producers depending upon us for complete laboratory service, we are looking forward to an even greater contribution to the screen successes of this year. These producers know that a picture to be among the best, must be well photographed. HAT'S why they rely upon the STANDARD FILM LABORATORIES for daily service and release prints. Experience has taught them that our service gives them more for their money and that distributors and exhibitors are better satisfied with STANDARD PRINTS.