Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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MACK /ENNETT P resents BEN TORPlNw KATHRYN fWGOIRE in THE SHRIEK OF ARABV" One Continuous Shriek Ran five weeks at the Symphony theatre, Los Angeles, to good box-office figures, with turn-away business for the first three weeks. Played to capacity at Barbee's Loop theatre, Chicago. Praised by both public and critics. Has that wonderful pulling combination — Mack Sennett and Ben Turpin. Good for a lot of laughs with any audience. Listed as "Worth Watching For," by the National Board of Review. Give your patrons this fun feature! Q/lied J->roducers and Distributors Corporation^ 729 J~euenth Ouenue, Jsfeus Cfork City — 0 Aronch Office located in each United Orhstr Corporation Cxchanqe — Five Reels of Roars! Direction by rJ. Richard fanes