Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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What the Exhibitor Says: "Large attendance warranted extension of Charles Ray's 'The Girl I Loved' for another week's run. "-Gifts Theatre, Cincinnati, Ohio. "Good business all week without extra exploitation."— Allen Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio. 44 *The Girl I Loved' is one of Charles Ray's good ones and our audiences liked it. Business good. "-Middle West Exhibitor in M. P. News. What the Expert Says : " 'The Girl I Loved* is a production that any audience should like," says Exhibitors' Herald. "Sympathetic, humorous action and genuine appeal portrayed in what is probably Charles Ray's best work for the Don't fail to see this production. We be screen. lieve it is one you will like, and as such one you will want to pass along to your patrons. Ray's acting is an outstanding and memorable feature. He has a part that calls for the highest form of suppressed emotion." Q/'fhu/' k/. Kane presents THE GIRL I LOVED r~Bij James Whitcomb R//eu Direction by joseph De Qrajire UNITED AQXLTTJ' COfiPOQATION MAD.Y DlCKTOftD ' CMAfiLIC CMADLIN • DOUG LA J" FAIflD-ANKJ" D. V. GfiimTW WinAM ADR. AM J* DfiC/IOCNT