Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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RUPERT HUGHES' "SOULS FOR SALE' HELD OVER 2nd WEEK atthe CAPITOL The Biggest Success New York has ever seen.— Every Picture Record Shattered! DANNY WAS RIGHT: "If you let your competitor get this picture you'll be sorry." See Film Daily. SHOWMEN! HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! REVEAL HOLLYWOOD TO YOUR PATRONS! DC < I II) U) DC < (/) U) DC < h 0) U) 0C < 0) 35 famous faces the topnotchers of Screen dom ali the celebrities of the film shown at close range for all fans to see! 2" ~ (8 O a 3 VI VI ? a 3* It C r* 3 * G ■ is BD A a 3 3 m B — (• — 2.5 D n _ x ^ !T » 2 V) * n JC as *5 25 — 3 ^ o 3 N © c O 3D m > H Z ■n > O c 0) ■n > O m (0 "The greatest audience picture I have ever seen— bar none." don allen, n. y. Eve. World GOLDWYN " doing BIG THINGS READ (DHAT HARRY GOLDBERG SAYS: "Few pictures are big enough to run two weeks in Omaha. Have just booked 'Souls for Sale' for two weeks which itself signifies what we think is by far greatest boxoffice attraction Qoldwyn has had this year. Should rank with anything that has been released by another concern.*'— (signed) Harry L. Goldberg, Omaha, Nebraska.