Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

Record Details:

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IS BIGGER THAN THE CIRCUS !!!!!! ^ STARS! STARS! STARS! * Tremendous Business at I3i8 California Theatre, Los Angeles = Record Receipts ! JTiH^1 ? | "S^f c tVC' "This is a picture Goldwyn could have taken and shown for a run in some hZtl* 1 I »-<*yo» legitimate theatre tre on Broadway and put over for three months at least! LL NOT ROADSHOW IT!!!-^ _ rt M s CD ° 5 ! a g — « / "5 ! ? b (•■*"' o a St! • r ! . it 1 5 0 • — to v 3 i # 3 2 (V « "3 o 2 -a S v > O C <u y ^ s ^-i *^ *o Z 2 o 7j w o a. £ a: EL /A (0 •S o °^ >^ o > H aj rt (A j 0 od of day. © g fco tfl j E.s •J o © d "o H i * 3 « 1 FOR sow for the first time motion picture fans can see the inside story of the Hollywood studios which they have heard and read so much about 2 ft << 3 e ^ ft« r? • ft -t rs ■a c © s ft «< o c 0 0 c 2 I n > 0 c to > 0 m CO 'A picture that will make countless fans rush to their favorite theatre." NEW YORK AMERICAN sss= Read this telegram! It comes from a showman who knows! "I want to play 'Souls for Sale' at the Cleveland Hippodrome under any terms and conditions that you want to play it there. This is the greatest motion picture of the year. — (signed) Walter Reade. GOLDWYN is doing BIG THINGS A Wire JllSt Received: "Souls for Sale" opened to a jammed matinee and tonight we are turningaway hundreds. Biggest opening we have ever had in Brockton. Mayor and officials also secretary and many members of Chamber Commerce attended. Everybody talking about how wonderful picture is. We paid more for "Souls for Sale" than we ever paid for any film but it's sure worth more. It's a wonder. Genuine knockout and we don't mean maybe. Congratulations on this wonderful attraction. (signed) Keene and Rogers, Colonial Theatre, Brockton, Mass.