Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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April 28 , 1923 1991 This* is the Picture THAT SCORED A RECORD RUN OF THREE SENSATIONAL months at the Lyric Theatre, New York City, at $1.65 top and was hailed by critics and public as the most amazing African adventure picture of all time. This is the Picture THAT PROVED ITSELF AN OVERNIGHT SENSATION IN Philadelphia where it opened with a smash last week at the Forrest Theatre and is growing bigger and bigger at every performance. This* is the Picture OF WHICH THE PHILADELPHIA NORTH AMERICAN SAID: " If anything more could be crowded into this picture, one wonders just what it could possibly be." And the Public Ledger wrote: " Remarkable; something more than splendid." This is the Picture WHICH HAS RECEIVED MORE FREE SPACE IN THE WAY of publicity in national magazines and newspapers than any other picture in the history of the industry. This* is the Picture OF WHICH CHARLES DANA GIBSON, FAMOUS ARTIST, said: "The best motion picture I ever saw"; Roy Waldo Miner, Curator of the American Museum of Natural History, said: " Remarkably fine; certain features extraordinary "; Eltinge F. Warner, publisher of " Field & Stream " : " Greatest picture that has ever come out of Africa." This is the Picture TURN HERB TURN HERE .TURN HERB TURN HERE .TURN HERE TURN HERE