Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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April 28 , 1923 1993 Ml it like a Circus f There's nothing like it on earth f I I ERE is a line of paper that will pull like powerful magnets. Get ^ * out of the beaten path. Don't hide this amazing sensation. Open the throttle wide. Smash every established precedent just as the picture will smash all your box office precedents. Grab the best boards. Keep your town breathless with expectation — the picture will keep 'em gasping with its thrills. Spread yourself over the map. Make 'em see and read and hear nothing but the name of this picture and your theatre. It's the supreme opportunity of your showman's career. It's filled with gigantic possibilities and you can realize tremendous results if you get behind it right. Get it now — and BILL IT LIKE A CIRCUS! This is the Picture that ran for 3 Solid Months at the Lyric Theatre, N.YC > ^^P"^ ^W^i Presented, by Jfc^* JCLd hp Carl LaemmLe