Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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ASSOCIATED EXHIB I T O R. S ARTHUR S. KANE. Pbes.osnt. Physical Distributors PATHl EXCHANCt World's greatest box-office star Nationally advertised in THE SATURDAY EVENING POST May 5, 1923 THE S" TURD** EVE NINO POST To Speed Up Spring Business Start At The Time This Page Appears And Show The Entire Series : Grandma's Boy A Sailor-Made Man Never Weaken Among Those Present IDo Now Or Never ( Book them in any order) Presented by HAL ROACH A page advertisement on these attractions will also appear in PHOTOPLAY and CLASSIC {June issues, out May 1st) PICTURE-PLAY (July issue, out June 1st) MOTION PICTURE (August issue, out July 1st) .nuU tt'H t'ial , >vouiab.fAioo«b SvSEsSfif— If youVelo*st Your funny-bone V^U v ;„ the world can J ^ ^* no mot.on P>f «f, . " hioned laugh 5&«S— „ sofHaro>aUoya. ■D Six Encore Pictw , or ac Sig: Take one ffiggSX* S ^S*" h« .be r« «»l feel so much , c„. trcatment you " i „>, stop r i f yOU I"*' I j down »■ nun1' ' IKS™ F^^zt of the y"' Ask your mil be flao ™ err <j wag"****?" bv Associated tx>«° S[reet> D,s" c K.M President, 35 Wot * Arthur S. Kg*£J Distributors, Path (lew York. rny» 7 HAROLD "Never dorr. , UW ' ■ „, I tuns the i,a«/do.nB h« he" s<m|he,„ ■-t^i'''"'"" toitious spectacle. dc hu home .[.nonces ]usl ones*. ,, , ijsc h.s ""'>■. ftccnt i-loy" :ujgc from the >na"° „ „f his hostess, expression ol n» troubles fashion. »ff °J K "»»mu""„*.te «*? ,c such <-o..n OI,s ol o" *™ Tnc Count.l ■ffliTevervboJv >'"uh! „ oKiurcsihev"5"'. k„o«n -i"""<;ist',';; U»«d »! 600,1