Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

Record Details:

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What is Wrong 'with this Picture? & TIQUETTE is a very important thing, take it from the people who write the etiquette books. It is, they tell us, very bad form to eat your soup with the oyster fork. Canned peas should not be served from the can. Never beat your wife with a masnie. A niblick should be used for this purpose. Napkins must be placed on the lap and are not to take the place of the collar. When walking with a lady, walk on the outside. This gives you a better chance for a quick getaway. With these little hints, you may be able to guess what is wrong with the above picture. Correct ! It is not a PREFERRED PICTURE. B. P. SCHULBERG presents RICH MEN'S WIVES SHADOWS THORNS AND ORANGE BLOSSOMS THE HERO POOR MEN'S WIVES ARE YOU A FAILURE ? (Prints at your exchange now) THE GIRL WHO CAME BACK DAUGHTERS OF THE RICH ft We'll pay for our mistakes if you'll pay for our successes 99 Produced by PREFERRED PICTURESInc. B-PSchuIberf -Aw ttBKfaaMM Trm. Dirtri bated by AL-LICHTMAN CORPOdATIO N 1650 8AOAD WAV CW YOBJt CTTY