Motion Picture News (Mar-Apr 1923)

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The whole world has jazzmania—and likes it. The title alone makes of this Mae Murray picture unbeatable material for exploitation. The illustrations on this page show how easy a few earlyrun exhibitors found it to extend their advertising field beyond newspaper and billboard space — without cost. This is proof unquestionable that when a showman books Jazzmania he books the goodwill of every progressive merchant in his town. The main street becomes one long lobby display. Be sure your theatre is the one to benefit by it. Book JAZZMANIA now. Ill ae Murray m ROBERT Z. LEONARD'S MAE MURRAY JAZ ZMANI A m Jlistribufod by MTTTPn PICTURES Xrll-J J. XIV CORPORATION xjrCa.tJiri.tain..StrUJtiUcn\Ju.rij /WmfiJkyt/ly Director