Motion Picture News (Jan-Feb 1916)

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506 MOTION PICTURE NEWS Vol. 13. No. 4. CLARA KIMBALL YOUNG, AND THE CAR SHE HAS GIVEN TO THE RED CROSS tainment Company, The Odeon theatre, Hardin, Mo. ; Hiller Bros. Amusement Company, Unique and Lyric theatres, Eau Claire, Wis. ; Dr. P. H. Tellman, Cozy theatre, Long Prairie, Minn; Julius W. Schmidt, Grand theatre, Breese, 111. ; H. N. Turner, Electric theatre, Linton, N. D. ; Win. Parent, Crystal theatre, Decatur, Ind. ; W. M. Harwood, Palace theatre, Kinsley, Kans. ; E. C. Snodgrass, Snodgrass theatre, Scottsboro, Ala. ; S. E. Busby, Sunset theatre, Wolf City, Tex.; W. L. Mack, Grand and Empire theatres, Jonesboro, Ark. ; J. Harvey Stevenson, Idle Hour theatre, Kenton, Ohio ; Wm. A. Zuber, Alice theatre, Vincennes, Ind.; E. L. Kuykendall, Princess theatre, Columbus, Miss. ; H. D. Graham, manager, The Merrill {401 Merrill Building), Milwaukee, Wis. ; H. Mayer, Electra theatre, Seventy-fifth street and Third avenue), Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Wm. F. Seitz, Jr., Plaza theatre, Sandusky, Ohio; S. H. Blair, manager, Lyric theatre, Mena, Ark. ; A. W. Ballinger, Dean theatre, York, Neb.; Lucy B. Marshall, Empress theatre (1106 E. So. Grand avenue), Springfield, 111.; E. T. Rotkin, New Royal theatre, Farmland, Ind. ; W. R. Rowell, Gem theatre (P. O. Box 504), El Dorado, Kans.; E. W. Blythe, proprietor, The Majestic theatre, Decatur, Tex. ; Richard Dabb, Lyric theatre, Shenandoah, Pa. Pathescope Man Signs Willard B. Cook, The Pathescope Company (35 W. Forty-second street), New York, N. Y.; T. B. Hurnes, Star theatre, East Brady, Pa.; S. E. Pirtle, Casino theatre, Flora, 111.; H. E. Newall, Plaisir theatre (Crawford avenue and Irving Park Boulevard , Chicago, 111. ; Frank N. Phelps, New Grand theatre (Grand Theatre Building), Duluth, Minn.; B. F. Metcalf, LunaLite theatre, Marion, Ind.; Chas. A. Riva, Pastime theatre, Tilton, N. H. ; H. H. Feish, Crystal theatre, Emmetsburg, Iowa ; John C. Conner, Broadway theatre (Fifty-second and Grienway avenue), Philadelphia, Pa.; R. B. Wilby, Strand Amusement Corp., Montgomery, Ala. ; Ben. H. Zerr, president, M. P. L. E. of Pa. (Schuylkill avenue), Reading, Pa.; Edward Szamerki, proprietor, White Eagle theatre (1127 W. Division street), South Bend, Ind.; W. C. Quimby, Jefferson theatre, Ft. Wayne, Ind. ; F. W. Flanagan, Vaudette theatre, Chickamauga, Ga.; Robert Elliot, W. W. Kimball Co. (Theatre Organ Builders), New York, N. Y. ; J. I. Davis, Star theatre, Oakford, III; W. L. Myers, Palace theatre, Waterloo, Iowa; A. G. Frohms, proprietor, The Home theatre (3521 Jacob street), Wheeling, W. Va. ; Walsh Bros., Keystone theatre, Centralia, Pa. ; Frank J. Peng, president, Village Theatre Company (1150 Wilmette avenue), Wilmette, 111.; M. L. Sparr, Central theatre, Wilmette, 111. ; Joseph Grossman, Standard theatre, Cleveland, Ohio; Doc Robinson, Apollo theatre, Peoria, 111. ; F. B. Lange, Lyric theatre, Ramona, Okla. ; John Pekias, American theatre, Elgin, Ohio ; P. L. Mahaff ey, Gem theatre, Kimbolton, Ohio ; A. J. Moeller, manager, Temple theatre, Howell, Mich. ; L. E. Soldan, manager, The Rex theatre, Beaverton, Mich. ; Frank L. Browne, manager, Allston theatre, Allston Mass. ; I. F. McFarland, Marmac theatre, Vandergrift, Pa. Michael J. Nash, King Bee theatre, St. Louis, Mo. ; F. M. Edgett, Lyric theatre, Earlville, 111. ; E. C. Bennett, New Temple theatre, Ocala, Fla. ; B. J. Kaplan, Strand theatre, Haverhill, Mass. ; R. E. Falkinburg, Empress theatre, Grand Island, Neb.; H A Scene From the Sun Photoplay Production g H of "The Burglar and the Lady," in which j j§ James J. Corhett and Claire Whitney are g Starred = IlllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillM Thomas Roddy, Majestic theatre, Hibbing, Minn. ; O. B. Crane, Crane theatre, Monticello, Iowa; H. H. Burford Bijou theatre (president M. P. E. L. of America, Wis. Branch No. 48), La Cross, Wis.; L. A. Vuettner, Majestic theatre, Cohoes, N. Y. ; W. H. Yost, The Vaudette theatre, Fennyille, Mich.; W. R. Walker & Son, Isis theatre, Anderson, Ind. ; W. H. Wood, Pastime theatre. State College, Pa. ; Sparks Amusement Company, Sparks shows and theatre, East Brady, Pa. ; J. Tate Powell, Princess theatre, Charlotte, N. C. ; Edward Shatzman, Victor theatre, Columbus, Ohio ; Franklin P. McCutcheon, Casino theatre, Riverhead, N. Y. ; V ' H. Oxley, Grand theatre (31 Main street), Bradford, Pa.; Arthur J. Ferry Town Hall, Ridgefield, Conn. ; Sidney Rothschild, Rex theatre (578 Prospect avenue), New York, N. Y. ; J. W. Farrell, Star theatre (207 Day street), Orange, N. J. ; Wm. J. Vernon, St. Regis, Trenton, Regis, Philadelphia Pa. ; F. H. Young, Iris theatre, Salisbury, N. C. Whole Country Represented M. Silverman, Liberty Film Renting Company (105 Fourth avenue), Pittsburgh, Pa.; H. A. Schuermann, The Grand theatre (P. O. Box 612), E. Stroudsburg, Pa.; G. W. Lees, Keystone theatre (2543 E. Dauphin street), Philadelphia, Pa.; Lee A. Ochs, Costello theatre (23 Ft. Washington avenue), at Broadway and One Hundred and Fifty-ninth street), New York, N. Y. ; Jack Gold Family theatre (Third and Harris streets), Harrisburg, Pa.; E. W. Humphreys, Opera House, Woodstown, N. J.; Geo. W. Cuff, Colonial and Halsted theatres, Main street, Orange, N. J. ; Frank Pitters, Osceola theatre (258 St. Ann's avenue), New York, N. Y. ; Leon J. Bamberger (1600 Broadway), New York, N. Y. ; L. P. Goldbaum, Stanley theatre (586590 Seventh avenue) New York, N. Y. ; O. E. Kraus (Pastime theatre (1034 Third avenue), New York, N. Y. ; Ludwig L. Linick, McVicker's theatre, Chicago 111. ; S. Maclntyre Photoplay theatre, Los Angeles, Cal. ; Daniel F. Eselin, Grand theatre, Cloquet Minn. ; L. V. Snow, Opera House, Garrettsville Ohio; O. L. Taylor, Majestic theatre, Lancaster, Ohio; J. F. Higgins, Navajo theatre, Republic Kan.; Samuel Bullock, Cleveland, Ohio. GUTHARD APPOINTED SPECIAL ADMINISTRATOR FOR CAILLE ESTATE Special to Motion Picture News Detroit, Jan. 15. Henry G. Guthard, business partner, has been appointed administrator of the estate of A. Arthur Caille, of Detroit, Mich. Mr. Caille, who was a well-known Detroit moving picture man, died suddenly a few weeks ago, and it was represented that his business interests demanded that a special administrator be appointed immediately. His estate is said to be valued at several hundred thousand dollars. Mr. Guthard will carry on without any change or interruption the various enterprises in which he and Mr. Caille were formerly partners. These include the Majestic, Norwood, Maxine and Fine Arts theatres, Detroit, the Marx and Majestic in Wyandotte, the Majestic Features Corporation and the Michigan branch of the Metro Film Corporation.