Motion Picture News (Jan-Feb 1916)

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512 MOTION PICTURE NEWS Vol.13. No. 4. FROM THE FINE ARTS-TRIANGLE STUDIOS: DOROTHY GISH AND OWEN MOORE IN 'BETTY OF GRAYSTONE" UNIVERSAL ENLARGES PUBLICITY AND ADVERTISING OFFICES In order to accommodate the ever increasing forces of the publicity and advertising departments of the Universal Film Manufacturing Company the offices of the two departments are being enlarged. The quarters have outgrown their usefulness, and the new arrangement will afford all members of the different departments better facilities for accomplishing their work. The corridor extending from the entrance around to the executive offices has been run through a wall, and then will be extended into one which will go through the publicity department, supply department, advertising department then to the entrance. This change will afford practically twice the present space used by these departments, the space formerly used by the shippers of the supply department taking over the rooms formerly occupied by the regular shipping department, which has been transferred to Universal Heights. The departments will have more natural light and the more spacious offices will make a change long needed to meet the demands of increased business in these departments. The work will be completed in about another week. CALIFORNIA MOTION INSTALLS COOPER HEWITT LIGHTS The California Motion Picture Corporation has arranged with William C. Hubbard, general sales agent of the Cooper Hewitt Electric Company, of Hoboken, for the installation of its latest electric devices for the taking of studio pictures. Mr. Hubbard, who has personally equipped over fifty of the studios here and in the West, is to make a special trip to California to install the system. A special building is being erected for the accommodation of the lights which will supplement the already extensive plant of the California concern. The decision to use the Cooper Hewitt lights came after a very careful study of the situation. Arthur C. Payne, one of the directors of the California Motion Picture Corporation, and Alex E. Beyfuss, vicepresident and general manager, visited last week many of the studios in and around New York, making a comprehensive study of the methods of artificial lighting. EDWIN BOOTH PLAY, "FOOL'S REVENGE," FOR FOX A story that served Booth, Barrett, McCullough, Edwin Forrest and practically every famous actor for three generations as a starring vehicle, "The Fool's Revenge," is being produced by William Fox. Maude Gilbert and William H. Tooker are the leads. Rothacker Plans Big Opening for Industrial Studio February Fixed for Housewarming of Structure Whose Improvements Include Interior Stage Permitting Company to Use Tall Sets with Artificial Light BILL... »■ -j--YM t ngrT EXTERIOR OF NEW LABORATORY AND STUDIOS NOW BEING ERECTED IN CHICAGO BY THE INDUSTRIAL MOVING PICTURE COMPANY. IT WILL HAVE A WEEKLY CAPACITY OF NEARLY 2,000,000 FEET OF FILM NOW that the exterior construction work on the new studio and laboratories of the Industrial Moving Picture Company, at Chicago, is nearing completion, General Manager Watterson R. Rothacker, and other officers of the company are busy making plans for its opening, which will be one of the big events in filmdom in Chicago, and occur some time in February. The massive steel and concrete building now rapidly nearing completion by an army of workmen engaged in finishing the interior, has a number of decidedly advantageous features, an important one being that of an interior stage, 53 x 124 feet, which will permit of using sets twenty-five feet in height, thus enabling a producing company to use as large sets as are necessary while filming from artificial light. In addition to this stage there will be two others, one on the roof of the building 129 x 124 feet and another on a lot adjoining. Tanks necessary for the studio will represent a big investment. One on the top of the building will have a capacity of 18,000 gallons and be connected with sprinkling devices in every portion of the plant. Under the interior stage is being built a pit twelve feet wide, twenty-five long and eight deep. The first floor will contain the laboratories, printing, washing, color and drying rooms, in addition to the big stage, and on the second floors will be found the offices of the company, art department, assembling and cutting rooms, a small theatre and dressing rooms for the players. MIDDLETON GOES TO JACKSONVILLE FOR GAUMONT PRODUCTION Accompanied by Mrs. Middleton and the family flivver, Edwin Middleton left New York, January 14, for Jacksonville. There he will direct one of the Gaumont Mutual Masterpicture companies.