Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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September 30, 1916 MOTION PICTURE NEWS Mr. INDEPENDENT PRODUCER!! ^ If you are a Maker of MERITORIOUS productions we will supply you with a market that will bring you maximum returns. q The AMERICAN STANDARD plan of film distribution is built on the principle of co-operation ; a process requiring nearly two years in the building, and NOW A PROVEN SUCCESS, through actual operation. ^ We have a complete system of independent exchanges covering the entire country and reaching into foreign lands. Each unit of this vast organization of distribution operates on a basis whereby it is paid in proportion to the business it does and not by the amount of time it consumes in its work. ^ We believe an organization should be paid only what it earns, whether it be the exchange, the distributor, or the manufacturer. Hence, reversing the order, the manufacturer must make GOOD pictures to ensure good returns; the distributor must have a complete working system of exchanges for the proper exploitation of those pictures, to secure its returns; and, each individual exchange must be a bee-hive of activity, capably managed, properly equipped, and have a large following, for only through these essentials can it earn a goodly profit. ^ Summing up, THE EXHIBITOR gets a "square deal" all around; GOOD PICTURES delivered to him through an EFFICIENT ORGANIZATION . His patrons are pleased, and through his success your pictures earn more than a mere price per foot. We invite your inquiries, or a personaFcall. AMERICAN STANDARD MOTION PICTURE CORPORATION SAMUEL QUINN M. G. WATKINS President EXECUTIVE OFFICES General Manager 164-166 West Washington Street CHICAGO A magazine's success is measured by its advertising. Look at the " News ! "