Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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2006 MOTION PICTURE NEWS Vol. 14. No. 13 HOLMES ASSEMBLES PICTURES TO BE RELEASED BY PARAMOUNT IN WINTER Burton Holmes, who has been taking the weekly " Easy Chair Journeys," of trips around the world for Paramount Pictures Corporation, has been spending the past two weeks at the Paramount-Burton Holmes Travel-Pictures studio in Chicago, assembling his latest pictures and writing titles for the material he gathered during his summer's travels, which will be released through Paramount during tlie coming winter. The new pictures that Mr. Holmes secured this summer, were recently seen at a private showing of Paramount officials, and are deemed to be the most beautiful scenics and travel pictures that have ever been collected by the company. Many of these will be released during this winter season. KLEINE, EDISON, SELIG AND ESSANAY TO APPEAR IN FULL IN NAME OF RELEASING COMPANY Unless plans are radically changed, the official title of the latest of filmland's combinations will be the Kleine-Edison-SeligEssanay Company. It had been suggested that the initials of these companies be used, but motion picture exhibitors and others immediately protested. One of the best known and most influential of motion picture exhibitors wrote : " The names of Kleine, Edison, Selig and Essanay are names to conjure with, for they stand for years of experience, for dependability, for success and for art. Each one of these names is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why hide them with initials?" William N. Selig and George K. Spoor have both expressed themselves in favor of utilizing the full names of the companies interested. Partridge Is Appointed Special Representative of V-L-S-E His Duties Will Consist of Keeping in Touch with the Twenty-three Branches of Company by Personal Visits for Enlarging Service to Exhibitors THAT the V-L-S-E, as the selling de nartment of Crpaf-pr VitacrranVi i partment of Greater Vitagraph is determined to keep pace with the possibilities for enlarged service to the exhibitors, which the concentration of its efforts in the interests of one company permits, and that no step is to be neglected Joseph S. Partridge that will make for the highest degree of efficiency of its selling organization, is evidenced in the appointment by General Manager Walter W. Irwin of Joseph S. Partridge as Special Representative of the home office. It will be the duty of Mr. Partridge, Three Photodramas Completed in Studios of William Fox Theda Bara Returns to Vampire Roles — The Latest Farnum Picture, for Release on the 25th, Is from the Pen of a Los Angeles Dramatic Critic THREE new photoplays were completed last week in the William Fox studios, two in the East, one in the West, starring Theda Bara, William I'^arnum and Virginia Pearson. Miss Bara's picture marks her return to " vampire " roles. The direction was in charge of J. Gordon Edwards. The latest Farnum photoplay, " Fires of Conscience," released for September 25, shows how a strong man meets a strong man's test of honor. The scenario was written by Henry Christeen Warnack, a Los Angeles dramatic critic. Oscar C. Apfel filmed the picture and obtained some wonderful bits of night photography in the San Bernardino Mountains, in the Silver Lake district. In the cast with the Mr. Farnum are Nell Shipman, Gladys Brockwell, Willard Louis, H. J. Barrows, Henry J. Hehert and William Burress. The picture is Mr. Farnum's fourteenth photoplay for the Fox films. More than one of the actors in the Pearson screen drama spent many a weary hour at the costumers getting the proper sartorial effect as the setting is laid in a Scotch village. Walter Law and Glen White share the laurels in the supporting cast. The dictionary is honored in signal fashion in the new George Walsh photopiay now being made on the Pacific Coast, as Noah Webster's book of words has a part of prime importance to the action of the picture. In Frank Lloyd's initial production for William Fox, paintings valued at more than $100,000, will be on exhibition. The collection was obtained from the homes of several wealthy residents of Southern California, and two genuine Corots are included in the oils. The portraits and landscapes were used in a setting representing the interior of a large art gallery. More than two hundred feet of the big stage in the Hollywood studio were included in the "set." In the cast with Miss Suratt for her new picture is Joseph Granby, who has just joined the William Fox forces. He joined the Castle Square players in Boston when he leaped from the theoretical to the practical. He has been on the stage for over eleven years to date. than whom no one is better acquainted with the needs of the exhibitors of America, to keep in constant touch with the twenty-three branches of the Vitagraph VL-S-E by personal visits, and to see to it that everything that will make for the greatest good of the exhibitors, and consequently for Greater Vitagraph, is being done. The large experience which Mr. Partridge has had in the film industry, the wide acquaintanceship which he possesses, and his practical knowledge of all that goes toward the upbuilding of an exchange and its customers, makes his appointment of especial interest. There is probably no exchange manager in the country better known than he. For a number of years he was associated with the General Film Company in an investigating capacity. He was afterward made special representative of that company for the Dominion of Canada, and subsequently transferred to the Pacific Coast. He went to V L-S-E, taking charge of the New York office at its inception, since which time it is doubtful whether there is an exchangeman in the city as well liked by the exhibitors. On August 25, he was given a rising vote of thanks at an exhibitors' meeting, held in New York City. Mr. Partridge, of course, will make the home office of Vitagraph V-L-S-E his headquarters, but will be almost constantly on the road doing constructive work at the various branches of the V-L-S-E, and seeing to it that the selling policies as well as the operating efficiency of these offices are furthered to the best interests of all concerned. He is succeeded as manager of the New York branch, by George Balsdon. Sr., another film man known to all who have been in the industry for any length of time. Mr. Balsdon has been manager of the Boston branch of the V-L S-E, where his conscientious service and responsiveness to the requirements of exhibitors, won for him a large and loyal following. Having himself been an exhibitor in Pittsburgh, when he entered the film business, and afterwards general manager of the poster and advertising bureau of the General Film Company, he is most happily qualified to work with and for the exhibitors in the New York territory. He has been with the V-L-S-E since its formation. To him was entrusted the opening of the offices of that company in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Minneapolis. J. L. Reardon, who has been assistant branch manager at Boston, has been appointed by Mr. Irwin as the manager of that office. Mr. Reardon is a young man who has made a remarkable record in the Boston territory, and who has the confidence of all the exhibitors in that territory. WORLD RE-EDITS YOUNG PICTURES The eight re-issues of Clara Kimball Yoiuig photoplays announced by the World Film Corporation and first offered to the regular patrons of that concern are in demand. All these pictures have been re-edited and re-titled.