Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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2008 MOTION PICTURE NEWS Vol. 14. No. 13 Scenes from Episodes Three and Four of " The Yellow Menace." Unity Sales Corporation will be window cards on " The Shielding Shadow " playing up in a striking manner, the mystery which will interest more photoplay fans than the mystery of the Laughing Mask in " The Iron Claw." In addition, there will be the following advertising matter on " The Shielding Shadow." Advance portrait one sheet of Grace Darmond, sets of five slides, including three on " The Mystery of the Shielding Shadow," one, three and six sheet posters for c&ch release, colored lobby display photographs, twelve to a set, attractive booklets which will be substituted for heralds on the first two chapters — these booklets are printed on good quality stock and are illustrated with colored photographs of Grace Darmond, Ralph Kellard and Leon Bary. They contain a general story about " The Shielding Shadow " and the story of the first and second chapters. They will be issued in envelope size for mailing. For the remaining chapters of " The Shielding Shadow," there will be two colored heralds, envelope size for each release, 22 by 28 photographs of a scene from each week's release, 22 by 28 photographs of Grace Darmond, Ralph Kellard and Leon Bary, one and two column newspaper cuts of scenes and stars for each chapter, canvas banners 10 by 3 feet, advance twenty-four sheets, novelties. There will also be a campaign book giving the exhibitor a complete advertising and publicity campaign with reproductions of the advertising matter in order that he may see what he is getting and know how to use it. Two Knickerbockers to Alternate with Present 3 Reeiers This Plan Will Give the Company a Weekly Release on the General Film Program — First Feature Will Be "The Belter Instinct" PLAGUE BAN ORDER KEEPS ADULTS AS WELL AS CHILDREN FROM PENNSYLVANIA THEATRES While the managements of the motion picture theatres of Pennsylvania have cooperated without any opposition with the State Health Department in its efforts to check the spread of infantile paralysis by closing the moving picture places to children under 16 years of age, the order of the department has materially affected the receipts of the theatres. The loss is not alone due to the exclusion of small children who attended the theatres unaccompanied by older persons, but thousands of adults have been kept from going to these places of amusement because they could not take the children along. IN addition to the present three-reel Knickerbocker Star Feature released by the Melies Manufacturing Company every other week through the General Film Company, a new series of two-reel productions will be released to alternate with the present three-reel features. This will give a Knickerbocker production on the General Film Service every week, beginning with the releases in October. The first of the new features will be " The Better Instinct," featuring Jackie Saunders, the versatile Balboa star, assisted by Frank Mayo and Lillian West, directed by Bertram Bracken under the supervision of H. M. & E. D. Horkheimer. Lucy Manley, a sweatshop worker portrayed by Jackie Saunders, is tempted by Alarie, her fellow worker, to choose an easier path to life's pleasures. The girls attend a dance where they are followed bytwo cadets. Ted Gordon, a drunken derelict, saves Lucy in time. Mrs. Gordon, who has adopted philantrophy among the lowly in an effort to find her son, who has been driven from his home through his love of drink, is robbed of her purse by Alarie, who uses Lucy as her tool to accomplish her theft. In escaping from pursuit with the purse, Lucy darts into a tenement house, and arrives in time to prevent Ted, who is in a delirious state from drink, irom committing suicide. With the stolen money she hires a physician. Lucy's conscience dictates the return of the purse. In the room, she recognizes a portrait as that of the man she has just left in the physician's care, and thereby reunites the family and becomes one of its members by marriage. The release date is set for October 6. The second Knickerbocker release of the month will be " From the Deeps," with Joyce Moore and Daniel Gilfether, and will be in three parts. The sister of MoUie Roberts is betrayed by Jim Henderson. He flees with his wife when the girl dies. To escape from the past Mollie leaves for another town, and accepts a position as singer in a coast resort. She meets Joe Hardy, who has fallen in with evil companions. Hardy and the gang attempt a robbery. Two of the men are caught, but Hardy escapes. Henderson, who has joined the detective force, follows Hardy but loses him in the chase that follows. The captured thieves are put through the third degree to discover the whereabouts of their companion. Through a ruse, Henderson obtains a confession. Henderson obtains a confession. Henderson locates Hardy in the cafe and arrests him. Mollie confronts the dumfounded detective, and demands his release as the payment of her silence. Together Mollie and Joe go to a new town to begin a new life together. Release has been set for October 13. The third Knickerbocker feature of the month will be " Hearts and Hills," in two parts, featuring George Larkin and Margaret Nichols. John Austin, a wealthy bachelor, seeks to regain his health in the country. He makes friends with Jess, the little hill girl, who falls in love with him. Austin has an attack of illness, and Jess stays with him all night. Because he has compromised the girl he marries her, but he tires of the hill life and returns to the city on his recovery. Heartbroken Jess leaves her home and becomes an assistant in a small sanitarium. Her brother swears to kill Austin if he meets him again. Austin's gay life palls on him, and he decides to go back to the hills and his wife. He finds the shack deserted, and when he goes to her brother for information he is attacked by him, and shoots him accidentally in a struggle for the revolver. The shot is heard, and the villagers are about to hang Austin when Jess arrives on the scene. Tom confirms Austin's statement that the shooting was accidental. Jess forgives Austin on her brother's recovery, and he finds that he really loves the girl. This is released October 20. The fourth release has not yet been announced, but it will be a three-reel production, produced as were the others under tlie supervision of the Horkheimers at the Balboa studio.