Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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September 30, 1916 MOTION PICTURE NEWS 2011 PATHE CLUB HAS SUCCESSFUL OUTING AT CONEY ISLAND AND BRIGHTON BEACH Members of the Pathe Club and their giiests, to the number of 130, spent a very enjoyable afternoon and evening at Brighton Beach on September 9. Three big auto busses and several touring cars were used to take the party down and back. The afternoon was devoted to the amusement of Coney Island. Dinner had been arranged for at the Hotel Shelbourne at Brighton Beach, the entire gallery having been reserved for the occasion. Dancing concluded what every one voted to have been a perfect day. Among the associate members present were E. D. Horkheimer of Balboa, George A. Powers, T. C. Wiley, Harry Mittenthal and Harold Davis. Patheites from out of town were H. M. Osborne, manager of the Philadelphia office. Manager Epstein of the Albany office, Manager Abeles of the New York booking office and Manager Rheinlieb of the Newark office. Club president J. A. Berst had taken an active interest in the outing, which explained to a large degree its success. The committee on arrangements included P. A. Parson, J. \V. Kyle, F. C. Davidson and E. J. O'Connor. Carlos Leases More Ground for Fox Studios General Western Representative Takes Plot Across the Street from the Hollywood Stages for Accommodation of the Eight Companies EDWARD JOSE TAKES A SHORT VACATION— WILL DIRECT PEARL WHITE ON RETURN Edward Jose, after sixty continuous weeks of work producing pictures for Pathe, during which time he has been hardly able to call an hour his own, is taking a week's vacation. On his return Mr. Jose will resume the direction of " Pearl of the Army," the new serial which Astra is producing for Pathe. Pearl White is starred in this serial. Special to Motion Picture News. Los Angeles, Sept. 16. GENERAL WESTERN REPRESENTATIVE A. CARLOS has found the two big studios of the William Fox organization to have insufficient stage space to accommodate the eight companies now working, and has leased grounds immediately across the street from the Hollywood studio where new stages will be built. This ground covers an entire block, and, if necessary, a greater portion of it can be secured. At the present time, however, but one stage is being built. This will be 60 by 160 feet, but the construction is such that additional stage space may be built adjoining. The additional stages will be inclosed to bar out the ever-interested public. The new stage will contain a traveling roadway and other comedy securing apparatus. Two Fox companies are absent from the studio. Richard Stanton and Players, numbering thirty in all, are still in the vicinity of El Paso making scenes for the international boundary story. Their work there has been delayed by rains almost daily, and their absence, which at first was expected to consist of but ten days, will be stretched out to two weeks or more. The second company went to Sacramento, Cal., to secure water scenes. In this party, which is under the direction of Frank Lloyd, there are sixty-seven people. The principals are Gladys Brockwell, George Webb, William Clifford, Hershall Mayall, Carl von Schiller, Jim Farley, Ray Hanford, Ed. Alexander, and others. The story has Eastern and Far North atmosphere, and the former will be secured at San Francisco and along the Sacramento River. J. C. Jessen. Essanay-Chaplin Revue of 1916 Through General Picture Will Be Released in Five Reels— " His New Job," "The Tramp" and "A Night Out " the Company Considers His Best from Its Studios . PRESIDENT GEORGE K. SPOOR of Essanay will present Charlie Chaplin in the Essanay-Chaplin Revue of 1916. It will be in five reels, and released through the General Film Service. What were deemed by producers, press and public as the three greatest pictures in which he had appeared for Essanay were selected for the review. They are, " His New Job," " The Tramp " and " A Night Out." Those of the trade to whom has been made known Mr. Spoor's plan have grown enthusiastic over it. " His New Job " is the picture he made when first obtained by Essanay. The Essanay-Chaplin Revue of 1916 is a selection of what that company believes his greatest work. Bookings for this feature are now being recorded in all branch offices of General Film Service. According to Essanay officials, the popularity of Essanay-Chaplins still holds and there is no diminution in the number of prints in daily use. In fact, not a day passes in the Essanaj' laboratories in which no new copies of his pictures are not manufactured.