Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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October 21, 1916 MOTION PICTURE NEWS 2525 supervise the presentation of his latest artistic spectacle success. Joseph Henabery, who has served as assistant to D. W. Griffith in the making of " Intolerance," has been placed in charge of directing a Fine Art company, and now has a story in rehearsal, known as " The Feud Brakers." A number of the wellknown players of the studio including the kiddies, will appear in this. J. P. McGowan and players of the Helen Holmes Signal Serial Company, have overcome their nomadic inclinations, and found exceptional conditions at El Portal at the entrance of Yosemite valley. For ten days they wandered over the lumber district of northern and central California, in search of favorable climatic conditions, and where scenic locations would be suitable. At this place. Director McGowan will have opportunity to secure trains from Merced, California, and the players will be in the heart of the lumber district, where correct atmosphere locations can be secured for the remainder of the serial, " Lass of the Lumberlands." The experiences of the several members of the company, including the technical man, who drove from the northern location at Areata to the Yosemite Valley in a two ton truck, if filmed would have made the greatest photoplay of adventure the screen has ever known. Director McGowan and players have the distinction of being the first motion picture company to secure the privilege of making motion pictures other than of an educational or travelogue nature inside the Yosemite Valley National Park. Here will be found the most beautiful mountain scenery imaginable, and in addition the lumber camp atmosphere can be secured a few miles away. The company is stopping at the world famed Hotel del Portal, and there Paul C. Hurst and Leo D. Maloney became heroes in reality. They saved the hotel from fire, w^hen they discovered smoke coming from the private office of the landlord at two a.m. The two Signal players fought the fire out with rugs from the floor of the office, and prevented a possible panic, when they stopped the frightened bell boy from turning in a fire alarm. Every one wants to know what the players were doing up at this hour in the morning. Proud Boys, Those Cracker Box Philosophers Director McGowan has just one complaint to make regarding this location — he cannot secure extra help. The store box whittlers of the town look upon the screen art as a low form of obtaining a livelihood, and to use their own words, "refuse, to be dolled up with them face lotions." z L. Frank Baum, author of fairy stories produced on the legitimate stage, and latter filmed bj^ the Oz Film Company, has written a libretto for the Mrs. Carter H. Harrison story " Silver Wings," and music has been written by Dr. Hugo Felix of Vienna. As soon as the play is produced, screen version will be prepared and filmed. The Lasky studio is fast becoming known as the rendezvous of weird organizations, festive or otherwise. Not so long ago we learned of the Poet's Corner. Then came the formation of a company of coast artillery, and at another time the Lasky Rowing and Yachting Association was heralded as a reality. But the most recent mentioned is the Lasky Never Again Club. A sleuth sent to learn more of these organizations, discovered a broken down typewriter, where a pipe had been cleaned, and a large easy chair which formerly had been occupied by Kenneth McGaffey. The business office of the Lasky plant, advise that Mr. McGaffey had been called from town on important business, and with him it was found, departed the score of sacred " tongs." Wallace Reid, Lasky star, is spending a week at San Francisco, the guest of Herman Wabber of the Progressive Motion Picture Company, and Jack Partington of the Imperial theatre. Reid sought protection on this wild jaunt, and so surrounded himself by the publicity department. " The Soul of Kara-San," the Japanese photoplay being completed by Director Edward J. LeSaint, he will take up the filming of another production similar in character, which has Sessue Hayakawa and his wife, Tsuru Aoki as the principals. In the production just finished, Mr. Hayakawa was supported by Myrtle Stedman, loaned by the Pallas Pictures and a cast of Japanese players. Director Frank Reicher has in rehearsal a new Lasky photoplay, which will offer Fannie Ward as star, and the publicity department gives out the information that Miss Ward will appear in overalls in most of the scenes. Neilan Completes " Bamegat " Marshall Neilan has completed his first Lasky photoplay " The Tides of Barnegat," which stars Blanche Sweet. Neilan will continue to direct Miss Sweet, and he has now his second cast in rehearsal. Title for the new production is not definitely known. Cleo Ridgely, who has been absent from the Lasky studio for the past month on a vacation, has returned and will shortly begin work in a co-starring production with Wallace Reid. Robert Leonard, recently added to the Lasky organization as director, is now busy with the filming of his first subject for this company. Mae Murray is the star, and Elliott Dexter pla\ s the lead opposite. In Frank Buck and Luella Maxam cidently it may be said that Dexter is leading a most strenuous life. He is playing in three photoplays at one time. Under Director James Young, he appears opposite Marie Doro, with Marshall Neilan, is the principal support for Blanche Sweet, and the remainder of the day he devotes to changing costumes and makeup that he may support Mae Murray. Kolb and Dill in Their Latest Comedy, " Bluff " (American)