Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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2532 MOTION PICTURE NEWS Vol. 14. No. 16 Looking Ahead With The Producers A. J. Bessie Love and Louise Glaum Triangle Stars in the Two Releases for Week of October 29 BESSIE LOVE and Louise Glaum are the stars of the Triangle feature releases for October 29. Little Miss Love appears in " A Sister of Six," a Fine Arts production recently completed under the direction of the brothers C. M. and S. A. Franklin. Miss Glaum enacts the part of a secret service siren in the Ince production of Richard Harding Davis' thrilling war drama, " Somewhere in France," which Charles Giblyn has directed. The scenes of " A Sister of Six " are divided between Old California, under the Mexican regime, and the seacoast of New England. Miss Love is shown as the head of a family of seven small pioneers, who have been left alone in the land of gorgeous sunsets and treacherous natives after the murder of their father at the hands of Don Francisco Garcia, who covets the American's ranch. The girl's vaquero lover sends the orphans to their miserly uncle in New England, who is the real owner of the ranch. He does not give them a very warm reception, as his main interest in life is the gathering of shekels. Later, upon receiving a message from the loyal young vaquero, the New Englander hurries to California with his adopted family, where stirring events await them. The ranch is besieged by Garcia and his band, and by a ruse all of the faithful retainers are lured away, so that the children are left alone with the house servants to defend the place against its invaders. After a thrilling battle, help arrives in the nick of time, and the denouement brings retribution to the infamous Garcia and happiness to the little mother and her family. One of the last stories from the pen of the late Richard Harding Davis, " Somewhere in France " contains all the elements of a big popular success, apart from the interest attaching to its authorship. Miss Glaum is given the opportunity to display her talents in a role calling for beauty of the most alluring type, coupled with the psychological enactment of character in which the love of intrigue and adventure are ruling passions. Herself the daughter of a German spy, she is found living in Paris prior to the outbreak of the war with a young French army captain, whom she robs of certain important plans relating to the defenses of Paris. These she sells to the Germans, fleeing to Berlin herself with the attache, who arranges the deal. The French captain she has ruined kills himself rather than face disgrace. His brother makes a vow to retrieve the family honor. Upon the outbreak of the war, the beautiful spy is found traveling in northern France in the wake of the German army. She is accompanied by a mysterious coadjutor, who acts as a wireless operator, handling the various code messages that she sends from time to time and also taking the part of her chauffeur. A series of exciting events take place when they are overtaken by the French army in a deserted chateau. The woman poses as the Countess d'Aurillac, and everything seems working out to her satisfaction, when suddenly things take an unexpected turn. The wireless operator is discovered and brought before the French general, who, instead of ordering his death, rewards him with a medal of honor. The supposed German spy is really the brother of the young French captain who had killed himself, and has been himself employed in the service of France. The beautiful adventuress is taken to Paris under the escort of a French officer — the real Count d'Aurillac — and lodged in the Prison of St. Lazare, instead of the Grand Hotel, as she had hoped. Howard Hickman, in the role of the mysterious wireless operator, shares stellar honors with Miss. Glaum. EL\AR LINDEN REE.\GAGtD BY FOX Einar Linden, the Danish actor, who scored such a pronounced success as Don Jose in William Fox's picturization of " Carmen," has been re-engaged for a prominent part in a photoplay soon to be released. Mr. Linden, who also had roles in " The Eternal Sapho " and " The Family Stain," has been on the boards since the age of seven. He has been successively a grand opera tenor, clown, dancer, stage manager, librettist, composer and an actor, both in the spoken and in the silent drama. He speaks seven languages, and has appeared in support of Bernhardt, Duse, Monet and Sully. When he was seven, he was attracted by a wandering group of Lapland players, and Young Linden left with them, unknown to his parents. When the police finally located him, he was standing on a barrelhead in the street singing to a crowd of 2,000. HARRY BENHAM TO APPEAR OPPOSITE JUNE CAPRICE Harry Benham has been selected by William Fox to play opposite June Caprice in the latter's fourth photoplay, on which work has begun last week. Mr. Benham is especially well adapted for his new lead. For the last year he has been with Universal, and from 1910-1915, he was with Thanhouser. Harry Hilliard, whose place the new Fox actor takes, is cast for the chief male part in a forthcoming release. Preceding his entry into the silent drama, Mr. Benham had a long stage career, particularly, in musical comedy. " Madam Sherry," " Woodland," " Sultan of Sulu," " Pinafore," " Wang " and " Florodora " are among the plays in which he appeared. Mr. Benham was born in Valparaiso, Indiana, thirty years ago, but his parents soon removed to Chicago. As a boy he worked particularly hard, because he wanted enough money to train himself to become an opera singer. Glimpses of Two New Essanay Releases — On the Left, Arthur Bates and Edward Arnold in rooned," and Next to It a Flash from the Geo. Ade Comedy Fable, " Kittenish Superanns Ma MULTIPLICITY OF GOWNS FOR VALESKA SVRATT Valeska Suratt, who already holds all records for costumes in a single film — established in " The Soul of Broadway," her first Fox photoplay — will add several more to the number in her new picture. The gowns will be among the most gorgeous creations ever presented to a movie audience. To appreciate what this means, one must recall that in " The Soul of Broadway," Miss Suratt wore more than thirty different costumes, stunning in design and color effects. i