Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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October 21, 1916 MOTION PICTURE NEWS 2533 Ensemble of Striking Scenes FOX ENGAGES A WHOLE TOWN Last week, most of the Fox companies, in both the eastern and the western studios, were out on " locations," and the strips of films sent in show remarkable photography throughout. Director Richard Stanton, screening the picture featuring Alan Hale and Gretchen Hartmann, found that he needed a town. The result is that everything except the human part of San Felice, New Mexico, is now the property of the Fox Film Corporation. The place will be used for raids. Then the remains will be destroyed by explosion and fire, while the cameras grind their hardest. from Fox's Multiple Reel Production, " Romeo and Juliet," Featuring Theda Bara A HOUSE WITHIN A HOUSE FOR MOROSCO STUDIO A complete bungalow is being erected on the Morosco studio stage under the big glass roof for a forthcoming Vivian Martin release on the Paramount Program. This will enable the experts who run the cameras at the Morosco studios to secure very unusual vi^ews and " shots " of consecutive rooms not otherwise obtainable, and several novelties in motion photography are expected. Miss Martin's new photoplay will carr} her all the way across tlic continent to arrive in this bungalow. Essanay -Chaplin Revue of 1916 Through General Fil THE date for release of the EssanayChaplin Revue of 1916, has been fixed for October 21, through General Film Service. The Revue is in five acts. Bookings can now be made. While the revue has been compiled from the three great Essanay-Chaplin comedysuccesses, " The Tramp," " His New Job " and " A Night Out," President George K. Spoor of Essanay, wishes it understood that it is by no means a case of cutting three two-reel pictures into five reels and running one after the other. The Essanay-Chaplin Revue of 1916 tells a complete story, dove-tailing without a break throughout its length, the whole making one of the most unique comedyfeatures ever offered. Edna Purviance, Ben Turpin and Leo White appear in the revue in support of Chaplin. The story opens with Charlie Chaplin as " The Tramp." He is out of work and leaves the dty to wander along the country highways. He rescues a girl from a gang of hoboes, who are trying to rob her. Ready for Release October 21, m Company Service and is given work on her father's farm, .A.fter a series of adventures on the farm, which is an entirely unfamiliar place to this city bred tramp, he is shot while routing some burglars. The girl nurses him back to health, and he falls in love with her. When he has recovered, the girl's sweetheart returns and he realizes that she is not for him. Heartbroken, he leaves a note for her, and wends his way back to the city, where he hunts work. He gets a job as a motion picture actor, and then begins a series of adventures of a day before the camera that will send spectators into gales of laughter over " His New Job." After a day of arduous toil, Chaplin goes out with one of the other studio employes, Ben Turpin, for a night's frolic, The net of misadventures he weaves about himself and his companion would turn the sourest misanthrope into a sunny-tempered optimist. Chaplin finally is plunged into a bathtub of ice-cold water by an irate husband. FOX STARTS FOUR NEW PRODUCTIONS One photoplay was completed last week by Fox, and four more pictures will be under way this week. The finished screen drama is that starring George Walsh. Juanita Hansen plays a handsome waitress opposite Mr. Walsh. The new screen dramas placed in work are those of June Caprice, Virginia Pearson, Valeska Suratt, and Director Apfel's tenth production. A GREAT BIG PISTOL FOR MARGUERITE CLAYTON In " The Heart of Virginia Keep," a three-act Essanay drama. Marguerite Clayton in the disguise of a messenger boy, engages in a pistol duel in the slum district of a large city. It marked the first time since she appeared in western pictures, that she was called upon to handle a pistol. So she brought to the studio a big Colt single-action " fort)'-five," which had been sent her three or four years ago by an admiring cowboj'. Blank cartridges for this powerful weapon were obtained, and it was utilized by the star in the gun-fighting scenes. MOROSCO SUBJECT IS A FAMILY AFFAIR Talent, like other " afflictions " seems to run in families, judging from Kathlyn Williams' new -Morosco photoplay. In this film a father and son, a mother and daughter are all appearing in the same subject. There is Herbert Standing, the silver haired actor of note, who thwarts the evil work of Wyndham Standing, his son, the " heavy " who is a new acquisition to the Morosco studios. In addition to this father and son combine, Helen Jerome Eddy plays the daughter to her own mother, Mrs. F. Eddy,