Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

Record Details:

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AR5^ you benefiting by tbe power of BLUEBIRD advertising, reaching nearly 10,000,000 people every week in tke Saturday Evening Post? Look around you in tbe industry and see if any Producer is doing wbat BLUEBIRD IS doing? Not only tbat BLUEBIRDS nave been acknowledged and acclaimed tbe most artistic screen producion of tbe day, providing tbe finest entertainment for millions of people every week, but we are telling nearly ten million people tbe BLUEBIRD PoKcy eacb week in tbe Saturday Evening Post. Tbus we offer to Exbibitors, tbe two compelling forces tbat make for success. Tbe supreme in picture productions plus tbe largest advertising campaign in tbe bistory of tbe industry. The exhibition of BLUEBIRD Photoplays means building for permanence on the solid foundation of quality. Foresighted Exhibitors have already signed up for BLUEBIRDS. Have you? Book thru your local BLUEBIRD Exchange or communicate direct with BLUEBIRD PHOTOPLAYS, (Inc.) 1600 BROADWAY NEW YORK