Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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October 21, 1916 MOTION PICTURE NEWS 2541 Scenes from Herbert Brenon's Presentation of Nazimova in "War Brides" — (Selznick Pictures) Norma Talmage in Circle at Right NEW AND UNUSUAL ENDING IN SELIG PLAY " While all the reviewers complimented ' The Country That God Forgot ' our latest Red Seal Play, yet none of them mentioned a detail that, to my mind, is very important," said William N. Selig in the course of a recent interview. " It was the unusual ending," he continued. The unusual ending is a detail much to be desired in film plays. One can number on the fingers of a hand the picture-plays that end unusually. It seems almost impossible to get away from triteness to a more or less degree. There is the hand clasp, the embrace, the lover's caress and so on, all utilized time and again. " The unusual ending is worthy of especial mention where ever encountered. In ' The Country That God Forgot,' there is not only an unsuspected ending, but the very novelty of it is startling. It is an ending that also leaves something to the imagination. You know what has happened, you are impressed by what has happened, and yet that occurrence, vital as it is to all the .characters concerned^ is not presented on the screen. It is suggestion purely and simply. One of the unusual touches certain to be emulated by others. To my mind the ending of ' The Country That God Forgot ' opens entirely new possibilities in motion picture art. It is something, both new and novel." LAST EPISODE OF " TIMOTHY DOBBS " The last episode of the " Timothy Dobbs — That's Me " series featuring Carter De Haven will be released on the Uni"^ersal program for the week of October 16. The two-reel episode is entitled, " Fame at Last," and was produced by Wallace Beery from the story by Bess Meredyth. Robert Milash, Ivor McFadden and Margaret Whistler appear in support of De Haven. The tenth episode of "Libery," the new Universal serial, also will be released during the week of October 16. It is entitled " The Human Target," and was written and directed by Jacques Jaccard. Marie Walcamp appears in the leading role, supported by Maud Emory, G. Raymond Nye, Eddie Polo, Jack Holt, Neal Hart, Bertram Grassby and L. M. Wells. The Red Feather release of the week is " Barriers of Society," a five-reel society drama, featuring Dorothy Davenport and Emory Johnson. The story of the play by Clarke Irvine was scenarioized by Fred Myton, and was produced by Lloyd B. Carleton. Richard Morris, Alfred Allen, Miss Witting and Mr. Montague appear in support of the principals. It will be released on October 16. On the same day Eddie Lyons, Lee Moran and Priscilla Dean appear in " His Own Nemesis," a Nestor comedy, written by W. R. Newman, and produced by L. W. Chaudet. On October 17 William V. Mong and Peggy Coudray play the leading roles in " The Wrath of Cactus Moore," a Gold Seal three-reel Western drama. There will be no Victor release in the week of October 16. " Through Baby's Voice," a delightful Laemmle two-reel domestic society drama, featuring Douglas Gerrard, Edna Maison and Zoe Rae, will be released on October 18. The scenario of this play was written by Calder Johnstone, and was produced by George Cochrane. On the same day the L-Ko comedy, " Safety First," will be released in one reel, with Dan Russell, Gertrude Selby and Billie Ritchie providing the fun. " Safety First " will be followed by No. 42 of the Universal Animated Weekly. On October 19 a single-reel subject, entitled " The Decay," featuring William Garwood and Lois Wilson, will be released. There will be no releases under the Powers brand on this date. The Special Big U release on this date will be a two-reeler, entitled " Tigers of the Plains," an animal drama featuring William Clifford. Francis Ford and Grace Cunard will be starred on October 20 in " The Elusive Enemy," an Imp drama, done in the slash ing Ford-Cunard style. A single-reel Rex drama will be released on this date, entitled "The Gold Band," featuring Hal Cooley and Helen Leslie. There will be no Nestor release on October 20. October 21 will see the release of "The Conspiracy," a Bison two-reel railroad drama, featuring Harry Carey and Edith Johnson, which was written by William Parker, and produced by Henry McRae. The principals are supported by E. N. Wallack and L. C. Shumway. On the same date " Beans and Bullets," a Joker comedy, scenarioized by Harry Wulze from, the story by Barney Fury, and produced by W. W. Beaudine, will be released. The following are the titles of the Specials for the week of October 9: Special Rex, " The Unfinished Case," one-reel drama, featuring Bob Leonard. Special Big U, " A Pair of Shadows," one-reel comedy, featuring Fritzi Brunnatt; Special Laemmle, " Stolen Honors," one-reel drama, featuring Mary Fuller; Special Imp, " The Elusive Enemy," one-reel drama, featuring Francis Ford and Grace Cunard ; Special Victor, " Room Rent and Romance," comedy, featuring Victor Potel. The special one-reel Victor comedy will be entitled, " The Five Thousand-Dollar Dream." Brenon Has " War Brides " Nearly Completed First Nazimova Picture Ready for Release Through Selznick-Pictures Soon — Brenon Will Produce Louis Joseph Vance's " The Lone Wolf " Next business details to discuss with Lewis J. Selznick, who controls the distribution of WITHIN a few weeks Herbert Brenon's " War Brides," with Nazimova as the star, will be completed and will be shown at a Broadway theatre. To complete " War Brides " in the length of time in which it has been done was a heroic task, and for the last three months Herbert Brenon has barely taken time for sleep. There is no detail of his productions which he does not personally supervise. Each evening he works out the scenes, which are to be photographed the following day until they are firmly fixed in his mind. In addition to this, he has innumerable his output, and a mass of other important matters to handle. Brenon will not take a vacation, when he has completed " War Brides." Already he has secured the world rights for a photodrama, which he will create from Louis Joseph Vance's successful novel, "The Lone Wolf." The demand for the book can be deduced from the fact, that when Mr. Brenon decided to use it for his next production, he tried to buy several copies, and was able to locate but one in all the book stores in New York.