Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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October 21, 1916 MOTION PICTURE NEWS 2543 Glimpses from Vitagraph Offerings for October. — Left, " The Harbor of Happiness," a ThreeReel Broadway Star Feature; Center, "Strong' Evidence," a Single-Reel Comedy; Right, "The Curse of the Forest," a Single-Reel Drama; Pendant, Katherine Lewis, Who Will Play the Lead with Earl Williams in a Curwood Story Directed by Marguerite Bertsch MmtimnHtiiimmititiiitiiii KEEN CARTOONS READY THIS MONTH In preparing its forthcoming releases of pen comedies, the Keen Cartoon Corporation of 729 Seventh avenue, has borne in mind one small rule of procedure, and the film already completed vindicates its conviction. This one small rule that has been selected as the pole star of the corporation is, that comedy film must get the laughs. The process of producing the film to conform to this requirement is now worked out so that the progress of an idea from the scenario department through the editorial department, is a much easier step than the step from the editorial department to the director of production, for each scenario must pass a jury of experienced critics. After all is said and done, it is the ideas which cause the merriment. The Director of Production passes the idea to one of the well-known cartoonists on his staff. This cartoonist is left free and unhampered, and the animation editor has to struggle with the problems of bringing the drawings to life. The first five releases are nearing completion and will be ready for trade showing early in October. PRESIDENT WILSON COMPLIMENTS INCE ON "CIVILIZATION" " Civilization," Thomas H. Ince's spectacle has received the endorsement of President Wilson. Recently the President, having heard so much about the picture, invited Mr. Ince to his home at Shadow Lawn, N. J., where he complimented him on his work, and asked many questions relative to the production end of the motion picture business. Mr. Ince, who had intended leaving for California, the day previous to the appointment, prolonged his stay that he might see the President. He describes his reception at Shadow Lawn as extremely cordial. " I found Mr. Wilson courtesy and affability personified. A more cordial reception," he said, " I could not possibly have had." J. Parker Read, Jr., Mr. Ince's business representative accompanied the producer to Shadow Lawn. A number of still pictures were taken of the President, Mr. Ince and Mr. Read. KOPFSTEIN RESIGNS FROM IVAN Jacques Kopfstein, identified for the past year with the Ivan Film Productions as director of publicity and advertising and associated with I. E. Chadwick in the department of sales, has resigned to become general manager of the B. S. Moss Motion Picture Corporation. Mr. Kopfstein has long been recognized as an authority on the distribution of independently manufactured film, and has served in every department of the film business. His wide experience covers everything from scenario writing to directing in the manufacturng end of the business, and his record in the sales department of his last connection bespeaks his knowledge of creating a market for and distributing of the finished product. Mr. Kopfstein leaves New York, October 8 to see owners of the various independent exchanges over the country, and illustrate the benefits to be derived from Moss features coupled with Moss service. AUTHOR OF "BIG TREMAINE" TO WED A wedding of international interest will take place late this month in Paris, when Marie Van Vorst, the celebrated writer, author of " Big Tremaine," the book which has been picturized for the use of Harold Lockwood and May Allison, the MetroYorke stars, will be married to Sigpor Gaetano Cagiati, of Rome, Italy. By a strange coincidence, the Metro's version of Miss Van Vorst's novel will be released at almost the same time. The production is now being made at the studio of the Yorke Film Corporation at Hollywood, Cal., under the direction of Henry Otto. The bride is the daughter of the late Hooper C. Van Vorst, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. The ceremony will be performed by the Archbishop Monsignor Ballifol, and the witnesses will be Frederick B. Van Vorst of New York and Mme. Robert Le Roux, the bride's sister-in-law, formerly Mrs. John Van Vorst, also a well-known writer. WINNERS OF CONTEST GET TRYOUTS Two charming belles from Pittsburgh, winners of the contest conducted by the Pittsburgh Press, arrived at Vitagraph studios last week for try-outs as picture players. They were Miss Florence Curry and Miss Rowena Rossiter. When the Pittsburgh Press produces its motion picture play " Man and Millionaire," Misses Curry and Rossiter will head the cast. After a day at the studios meeting some of the famous Vitagraph stars, the girls were properly made up and several tests of them were taken. This film will be forwarded to Pittsburgh and shown in one of the local theatres under the auspices of the Pittsburgh Press. Marion Earle "INTOLERANCE" IN SECOND MONTH AT LIBERTY, NEW YORK D. W. Griffith's sun play of the ages " Intolerance," at the Liberty theatre has turned into its second month of success. It remains at this playhouse with increasing interest being aroused in its various studies of modern sociology. :