Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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FAC SIMILE PHOTO CARDS ON PREVIOUS PAGE MR. EXHIBITOR Beautifully Colored Portrait Cards of the Big Film Stars will bring business to Your Theatre. Do you Know tha.t every p&tron of moving picture tKeatres idolize^ the steurs of programs which they follow? Do you Know that there is no better way for you to please these patrons than by giving them a handsome colored portrait card of their favorite star ? Do you Know that on the reverse side of this beautifully colored photo of the 8tar> lies a great opportunity for you to put a synopsis of the production in which they will appear, your weeKly program, or many other methods of advertising with which you can impress upon your patrons the quality of the productions which you are showing or any other features pertaining to your theatre? Do you Know that your patrons will carry these handsome portrait cards home and show them to every member of the family as well as their friends. Do you Know that these same friends will be anxious to secure these portrait carda< an^ they will come to your theatre for same to start a collection of their favorite photoplayers ? Do you realize that by giving these cards away with the synopsis of the feature printed on the bacK, about a weeK or ten days before you show the feature, the great assistance this will be to boost your coming production in which the star will appear. Do you Know that there are millions of people attending the motion picture theatres every day. who are anxious to secure a beautiful artistic colored photo of the different stars they admire ? Do you Know that a handsome colored portrait card in seven colors will be taKen home and appreciated by your patrons, and not thrown away liKe the common one-color post card? E.very exhibitor has one day during the weeK on which his business is not as good as the rest. PicK out that dull day and start giving out one of the colored cards to every patron who attends the performance on that day. and see how long it will be before that same dull day will show you the best receipts of any day in the weeK. Here Is your chance to Increase your business and make money with the finest line of colored photos of the big film stars ever put on the market. We have on hand Handsomely Colored Photos of over 100 of the leading stars now working In moving pictures, and can make Immediate shipments . Here Is a list of some of the stars that we can supply you with at a moment's notice, either on Post Cards or Wall Hangers. Wm. Farnum Valeska Suratt Jean Sothern Helen Holmes Lillian Qish Olga Petrova King Baggot Gail Kane Edith Storey Mary Fuller Francis Ford Billie Burke Holbrook Blinn Beverly Bayne Lenore Ulrich AND MANY OTHERS Every exhibitor should secure these cards from his Exchange or Supply House. If they do not handle them, send us certified checK or draft for amount of order, and we will ship direct by freight or express as directed. No goods sent CO. D. unless a deposit of 25% of order is remitted. Post Card Size at $5 per 1000 Wall Hangers, 4x8, Plain Back, at $6 per 1000 Mary Pickford Fanny Ward Anita Stewart Wm. Hart Theda Bara Dorothy Qish Kitty Gordon Mabel Normand Nance O'Neill House Peters Ella Hall Lillian Walker Alice Joyce Chas. Chaplin Grace Cunard Geraldine Farrar Flo. La Badie Marie Doro Anna Little Violet Mersereau Robert Warwick Vivian Martin Blanche Sweet Lou Tellegen Cleo Ridgely Wallace Reid Crane Wilbur Pearl White Marguerite Clark Alice Brady Henry B. Walthall Robert Mantell Harold Lockwood Florence Rockwell Earle Williams Virginia Pearson Bessie Barriscale Dustin Farnum Warren Kerrigan Myrtle Stedman Annette Kellerman Pauline Frederick Mary Miles Minter Clara Kimball Young Francis X. Bushman ^^eJel-y^err'* KLINE POSTER CO., Inc. Philadelphia. Pa. For the benefit of the Eachibitor. we submitted in issue of Motion Picture News, Sept 16th. different ways of using these handsomely colored Portrait Cards.