Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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October 21, 1916 MOTION PICTURE NEWS 2549 OLD STAGE CELEBRITi' IN METRO PICTURE With Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne in the new Metro-Quality production, " In the Diplomatic Service," is Mrs. Gilbertie Learock, member of a celebrated old theatrical family. Her husband's brother was the late George Learock, leading man for Thomas Keene, Edwin Booth, Lawrence Barret, Madame Rhea, and other famous stage celebraties, and director of Forepaugh's stock company in Philadelphia. Mrs. Learock was before her marriage Gilbertie Davidson, daughter of John X. Davidson, manager of the old Davidson Opera House, St. Paul. Following the family bent, Mrs. Learock went on the stage, first appearing with " Little Corinne," when Corinne was little. For three years she played the mannish woman, Nera Mann, with Ward and Vokes in " A Run on the Bank." In " The Female Drummer," with Johnstone Bennett, she played the star part under Miss Bennett's name on several occasions, when the latter was ill. Not long afterward she retired from the stage, but returned to public life when motion pictures, of which she is very fond, came into vogue. For Metro she has appeared in " Dimples," for Selig in "A Milk White Flag" with Otis Harlan, and for the advance in " The Making of John Hayes." NEW SERIES OF COMEDIES FOR FRANK DANIELS General satisfaction is felt by all of the Vitagraph V-L-S-E managers over the announcement just dispatched from the home office that Frank Daniels has returned from his long vacation eager to work before the camera in some rapid-fire Vitagraph comedies. These comedies, it is said, are constructed along entirely new lines, more or less built to order for Mr. Daniels, whose appearance on the stage or screen is always the signal for a spontaneous outbreak of laughter. Frank Loomis, Vitagraph casting manager, is now engaging a capable supporting company for Mr. Daniels including a feminine lead the announcement of whose name in the near future should cause smiles of satisfaction to appear on the faces of the exhibitors, who will get first runs of all Vitagraph-Daniels comedies. President Wilson and a Group of Prominent Film Men at Shadow Lawn, N. J. Fifth Episode of " The Yellow House/' Replete with THE title of the fifth episode of "The Yellow Menace," released this week by the Unity Sales Corporation, is called " The Haunted House." In this episode the Government authorities become increasingly alarmed over the activities of Ali Singh and his agents. Senator Stevens of Oregon shares the fate of Senator Johnson and his death is the result of treachery of " The Yellow Menace." Najla, after being temporarily safe from Ali Singh's clutches, has taken up her residence with Margaret Bronson and May Manning, and the efforts of Errol Manning and Bronson are directed toward keeping the three girls protected and away from danger. In spite of all precautions, however, they are told that Errol Manning and Willard Bronson are being kept in a house some distance away and need their assistance. Fooled by this trick, the girls rush to this house; are captured and held as hostages with a threat of torture if they do not swear obedience to Ali Singh's commands. Menace " Called " The Haunted Action and Excitement Manning and Bronson alarmed at this fresh attack on the girls set about to rescue them, but their horror at the plight of the hapless girls is nothing compared with the consternation caused by a cable from London, announcing that Willard Bronson's father, the banker, has been murdered in London, whither he had gone on important business. Willard Bronson realizes that Ail Singh has carried out his threat. BEAUTY CONTEST FOR NORTHWEST CANADA Phil Hazza in conjunction with the Winnipeg Free Press has arranged a Beauty Contest to decide who is the most beautiful woman in the Canadian West. The winner of this contest will be sent to Universal City to have a tryout before the camera. The contest is attracting considerable attention and whole page space is being devoted to it. Mr. Steele of the Free Press, Mr. Levine of the Universal Company and Mrs. C. P. Walker of Walker theatre will be the three local judges. Marin Sais and True Boardman, with Company of Players, in the Eleventh Episode of Kalem's " Girl from 'Frisc. " Series, entitled " The YeUow Hand