Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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MOTION PICTURE NEWS Vol. 14. No. 16 METRO MAKES A BABY CRY James Sheridan, aged eight months, has been engaged for the part of David-as-aninfant, in the picturization of Margaret Deland's novel, " The Awakening of Helena Ritchie," with Ethel Barrymore as the star. Like everyone else, James at once fell a victim to Miss Barrymore's charms. David-as-an-infant is supposed to cry vociferously, and as many babies do cry when away from home, Director John W. Noble supposed there would be no difficulty as to that detail. But he reckoned without Miss Barrymore's way with babies. The star, who is in private life Mrs. Russell Colt, is prouder of being a mother than of all the stage triumphs she has ever achieved. Somehow James Sheridan, aged eight months, just knew it instinctively. He began gurgling and looking contented as soon as he saw her, and when she lifted him from the crib, which was his cue to cry, he gurgled and laughed some more. He simply would not cry. Finally Director Noble had an inspiration. Motioning Miss Barrymore to stay out of sight for a moment, he sent a rough-looking scene-shifter to the crib. The baby burst into loud wails, screwing his little face up in such a way as to register tearfulness properly. Miss Barrymore picked him up, and the picture was made before he had finished his weeping. Then the star insisted on petting and loving James herself, to make him happy again before restoring him to his waiting mother. James is going to be mighty proud of this when he is a little older. THIRD "SHIELDING SHADOW" EPISODE SET FOR RELEASE ON OCTOBER 15 The third episode of " The Shielding Shadow," Pathe's serial produced by Astra, will be released on October 15. It is entitled " The Mystic Defender." The story is characterized by the actions of Ravengar, the man of mystery, who attempts to secure proof of a forgery committed by " One Lamp " Louie which caused Jerry Carson's imprisonment and death. The feature of the release is a cabaret fire scene. In the fire, Sebastian basely deserts his wife Leontine, but she is rescued by Ravengar. Later, her husband forgetful of his compact to treat her as a wife in name only, takes her in his arms and kisses her. She repulses him and by strategy gets him out of the room. She locks the door, and angered by this he strives to batter it down with a heavy chair. As the door begins to give way, Sebastian is surprised to see at the height of a man's head two burning eyes and close beneath them, two white hands, one which clutches a dagger. Frightened at this, he rushes off. Leontine, surprised, slowly opens the door and sees the hall empty. She looks at her feet and there is a dagger. NEW ENGLAND RIGHTS SOLD FOR "•THE POWER OF EVIL" Thomas H. Mullen, representing the Criterion Film Company of Boston, Mass., was in this city last week and closed a contract with B. S. Moss calling for the rights to exhibit " The Power of Evil " in the New England States. Douglas Fairbanks at the Wheel Kalem Releases Include First Issue of " Grant, the Police Reporter " ; Numerous Comedies as IV ell ly'ALEM'S releases for the week of OcA*' tober 16 bring the first " Ham Comedy " in which Henry Murdoch, heretofore featured comedian with Sis Hopkins and Ivy Close appears. This release, "A Symphony in Saurkraut " presents the new allstar comedy quartette of Ham, Bud, Ethel Teare and Henry Murdoch. The story finds Ham and Bud the working force in a factory, making the commodity mentioned in the title. It is released Tuesday October 17. This week also includes the issue of the first episode of the new " Grant, Police Reporter " series. This is " The Code Letter," which, as announced in last week's News, will be ready at General Film exchanges on Friday, October 20. First-run bookings already arranged for at the various exchanges indicate that the first episode of the new one-reel series will make the week a record one for Kalem. In addition to George Larkin and Ollie Kirkby, others in the cast of " The Code Letter," are Robert Ellis, William McKey and Arthur Albertson. Among the thrilling scenes shown are those in which Larkin climbs hand over hand on a pipe stretched twenty feet between two twelvestory buildings, a perilous trip along a sixinch ledge from one window to the other of a skyscraper, and the climax shown in the illustration here. " The Yellow Hand " is the episode of " The Girl from 'Frisco " series scheduled for this week. Marin Sais and True Boardman are featured in this two-reeler issued on Wednesday, October 18. The " Hazard of Helen " release for the week is known by the working title, "A Fight With Death." Billy Boy, the Kalem youngster, has a prominent part in this picture, the climax of which shows Helen rescuing the child from a runaway car by a daring feat. P. S. Pembroke, G. A. Williams and George Routh are others in the case of this one-reeler, issued October 21. Lillian Hamilton AMERICAN AMBULANCE PICTURES GOING WELL ■' Our American Boys in the European \\'ar," the four-reel picture showing the activities of the American air and ambulance men on the battle front, which the Triangle Film corporation is marketing on a special basis is being booked heavily. Recently several of the boys shown in the picture have been killed while discharging their duties and others have been decorated for heroism. The demand for the picture is growing each week as many people are only beginning to take a keen interest in the activities -of the American heroes.